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Holiday destination help!! Tenerife or Lanzorote?

Me and my boyfriend will be going away for a week at the end of Sep to beginning of Oct. We want somewhere fairly cheap that is still going to be very hot at that time of year. We are thinking either Playa de las Americanas in Tenerife or Puerto del Carmen in Lanzorote.

But I can't make my mind up!! I've never been to either before.

We went to Alcudia last year and that was a bit too quiet for us as everything seemed to shut at about 11pm and we got quite bored at night. So we want somewhere lively. Which is why I chose Playa de Las Americanas first. But I've been reading reviews and it seems it's full of young chavs, thiefs and prostitutes!!? Which has really put me off.

I'm only 20 myself so I want a fun and lively nightlife, but I don't want it like Magalluf etc.

So then I looked into Puerto del Carmen in Tenerife and the reviews seem to say this is really quiet.

So please can anyone help??!! If you have been to either of these places before, could you please tell me your honest experiences of the holiday?

Also please tell me some hotel names, because we are going all inclusive but I can't seem to find anything other than apartments mostly, when I want a proper hotel!

Thanks everyone.

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    Try Thomson holidays if you live in UK for late deals which should become available for time you want to go in next week or so.

    We just got great 1 week all inclusive deal for Lanzarote 4* All inclusive beginning September at RIU Hotel (which are amazing) for £500 per adult & the "Trip Advisor" rating is fantastic.

    We've stayed in loads of RIU hotels all around the world and you can't beat them if you want All inclusive.

    I've read Lanzarote is not as loud & crazy as Ibiza/Magaluf, but still has some decent clubs in south of the Island.

    My advice - check out late deals for your price range for both Tenerife/Lanzarote, then check out the hotels you've found on Trip advisor for honest opinions on the hotels/place you might want to stay. It'll help you make informed decision on hotel.

    Also, sometimes "Portland" can do same holiday cheaper if you check first before booking.

    Best of luck & enjoy!!

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    In Tenerife you can do such a thing you are feeling like any time of the entire year as a result of their weather, natural surroundings and tourist infrastructure designed for fun for all the household and this place is an ideal area for an excellent vacation and with hotelbye you can get it. In Tenerife are plenty of points waiting for you to find and some of those is in the south west coast of Tenerife. A spot that's a magnificent area for seeing whales free in the ocean. As much as 26 species are observed just down the shore, including baleen whales, killer whales, dolphins, pilot whales and actually blue whales. In Tenerife you will even see The Teide National Park. At 3,718 metres, Teide volcano is Spain's best top and its two ecosystems make the rise an experience high in contrasts.

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    there are quite a few sites that you can search that will likely show you great hotels at the best prices available. check out the website BookMe and you will be able to compare prices on all the reputable travel sites in just a couple minutes. it's very convenient and will save you a bunch of time and money. Also, make sure you buy them online... otherwise they charge much higher fees for phone orders. good luck.

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    Definantly tenerife !

    yu shud try thomson holidays and you can get a late deal for very cheap !

    the reason you probably cant find all inclusive holidays is beacause it is out of season so they are alot harder to come by but there shoud be a few around !

    hope this helps !

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    En Tenerife puedes hacer lo que más te gusta cualquier día del año, gracias a su clima, a su naturaleza, y a unas instalaciones turísticas pensadas para que tú y los tuyos disfrutéis. Descubre todo aquí . En Tenerife te llenaras de energía porque realizaras un sinfín de actividades y adicionalmente vas a poder disfrutar de una rica gastronomía. Sentarse en una terraza con vistas al mar y regodearse unos camarones es sin duda una experiencia deliciosa. Una de los sitios que debes examinar en Tenerife es también el volcán del Teide, el pico más maximo de España. Sus dos ecosistemas hacen de la elevación una experiencia llena de contrastes y también única.

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    Lanzarote, incredible island.

    It's small, good weather all year, good food, natural caves, a cactus garden, volcanic landscape, wonderful beathes and you can see the unique tiny blind albino crabs in the world.

    More information here:

    Have fun!

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