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How to Obtain a 911 call/transcript in San Joaquin co, California?

I need to be able to obtain a 911 call or the transcript that i made to the local police for obtaining a restraining order and for a custody issue. i called 911 using my cell phone and i was then transferred to the local police station. Filling out Subpoena's is nothing new to me I just need to know which one to use or which form # it is FL-???. I also need to know how easy this will be without using an attorney. I cannot afford one so I do a lot of my own legal filings.

From there any pointers to use it towards a restraining order would be great. Also any information on how to use it towards establishing emergency custody for children if anyone can provide it.

I cannot get into too much detail but a person made terrorist like threats toward me, show no remorse and threaten the police once they got there.

Thank you

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    You will probably need to file the request under the Freedom of Information Act.

    Call the authority, either city or county that controls the call center.

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