I need a good story name!?

I'm writing a story about a sixteen-year-old who gets pregnant and her mom died of leukemia when she was younger and her father is an alcoholic. Does anyone have a good idea for a title? Please help!


I'm already about 8 chapters into it

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    We can give you ideas, but I think the best titles come when you think about them for a while. Sometimes when I'm thinking of a title it doesn't seem like I'll get one, but then I think of something and it just clicks. Here are a few I thought of, maybe they'll give you some ideas.

    Alone and Pregnant

    16 and Pregnant

    A Life for a Death

    My Saving ....

    Alcohol, Leukemia, and Baby Bottles

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  • You should write the story first before you come up with the title. Then, use a form of symbolism in the story to think of it.

    For instance, sayyy, if when girl's dad was sober, he always used to bring her mom white lillies before she died, you should call it "White Lillies". You know, that's just an example, but that's usually how it works.

    Good luck! :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    New Life, Tragedys Past

    Just an idea

    Rose x

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    i agree with Poppy Rue you should really write the story first or halfway then come up with a title.

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