Car Audio system power flickers off @ 85% volume?

I've had my system (two 10" subs, new speakers, 1200w amp) for about a year, and all of a sudden the power in the deck and amp cuts out when I go past a certain volume (30/35), but comes right back on. I was told I need a capacitor, but then I went back to the same place and a different guy said it could be the wiring needing an upgrade to a 4 guage and won't be able to tell until after they install it (meaning pay to test it out) if I need a capacitor (pay for wiring upgrade + installation + capacitor + installation). He even said that the wiring and capacitor might not be the problem but I'd be paying for it all anyway if it didn't work. Any advice?

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  • KaeZoo
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    1 decade ago
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    A capacitor won't help. Neither will upgrading the amplifier wiring--it's the deck that's shutting off, and that has nothing to do with the wire gauge going to the amplifier.

    Either there's a problem with the wiring or ground at the deck, or your vehicle's electrical system is having problems keeping up. Take a close look at the battery terminals--make sure they're tight and not corroded. After that, I'd troubleshoot by testing the voltage at the head unit with the system playing, then compare it with voltage measurements at the battery. If your battery voltage is holding up, but the voltage at the deck is dropping, then you'll need to check the deck wiring. If you're getting voltage drops at the battery, there may be a problem with the alternator or the vehicle's charging system wiring.

    Don't take your car to someone who wants to sell you an upgrade without doing any testing to figure out the problem first.

    Source(s): MECP master-certified car audio installer
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    remove the subw terminals from the amp and try to play on the spkrs

    only, now raise the volume & see if problem is still there

    if your spkrs are in another amp or direct from HU then shut your subamp


    decrease your sub amp gain to 50% and then check

    play only one sub by adjusting their ohms and rms as per the amp if they are DVC

    check your ground is tightly fixed

    are you using the exact gauge power cable and fuse as mention on the user manual

    might be your battery is weak

    check the remote wire

  • G6er
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    First i have a question, is it just the power to the deck and amp that fail? or do the lights and everything else turn off as well?

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