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Can I forward calls from my home phone to my cell phone?

How would I do that? Thanks for your help!

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    All you need is Variable Call Forward to do that. Then dial *72 and your cell number. The instructions should be in your telephone directory. There are instructions for if your call is answered when you activate this feature and if it isn't. To disable this feature when you no longer want the calls to forward, dial *73.

    Here are instructions from Qwest:


    Source(s): Worked fro local telephone company for over eight years.
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    First, you have to have a variable call forwarding feature on your line - this is available from your phone company for a monthly fee.

    They can tell you exactly how much it will cost - a few dollars / month usually - and they will probably want to bundle it with various other calling features - so be sure of what you are getting.

    There may be instructions on the exact procedure in the front of your white pages.

    The precise options available vary with the phone company, but, in general, you can set up:

    1) forward ALL calls to a particular number (which you can enter)

    2) forward calls when your land line is busy

    3) forward calls when your land line goes unanswered for a certain number of rings (which you can set)

    With variable call forwarding, you can turn those options on and off and change the number to which the call is forwarded whenever you want.

    Some companies can also allow you to make some of those changes remotely (i.e. when you are away from your home phone, you can change its forwarding behavior by calling a certain number, entering a PIN number, your phone number and various other keys to indicate what you want to do).

    Some phone companies also allow a selective call forwarding - where you can enter 10 or 12 numbers that will be forwarded as you indicate - and all others will ring as usual.

    One other thought: if you enter a forward-to number that happens to be long distance, then the charge for that long distance call will show up on your land line phone bill.

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  • Anonymous
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    Yes, you can do that assuming you have call forwarding as part of your phone package. Every phone system is different. If you don't have a manual for your home phone then call your service provider and ask for one. The manual will tell you how to forward calls.

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    I do it all the time..HOWEVER, make sure your home phone number is a LOCAL call to your cell phone, or you will be charged a toll for every incoming call answered.!! Call Forwarding is around $3.50 to $4.50 a month in most areas. *72 plus the number to forward to.. If the other phone is NOT PICKED UP, you must dial *72 and the number AGAIN....You will hear s 'stutter' dial tone that tells you it is in effect... To turn it off, dial *73....

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Can I forward calls from my home phone to my cell phone?

    How would I do that? Thanks for your help!

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    Yes you can & I believe that some carriers have different procedures. Look in the front of your local phone book & it should give you detailed instructions.


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