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    I study in the uk, but my school follows the AQA board instead of OCR, so i don't know how much the two curriculum differs, but hope i can help u la.

    Eng lit

    可以先温jor de poem 先 for eng lit 因为poem 比較多,然後再熟讀 novel。不過novel 可以帶进exam room ,所以吾洗背quote。

    The most important part is that u understand the meaning the novel is trying to bring out, for example: what does this object symbolise? Is the novel mocking the government of that period? (Excuse me because i have never read that novel) these types of questions. Also the use of devices for example: dramatic irony.

    (This part can also be used as advice for the poem part in english language)

    For the poems, u first have to understand again what r the important poetic devices. What do i mean by important? There r many poetic devices in a poem, however only some r important. Why does the poet use this word instead of their synonym? For alliteration purposes? U first have to understand these to make ur revision effective.

    Secondly, (same as the novel bit) What is the poet trying to bring out? Then look at the date/historical period, why did the poet write this and then link it bk to the date.

    English Language

    Poems (as i have stated above)


    The composition bit, u have to do more past papers to really grasp what the examiner wants. Usually there r many past papers avaliable online n also at school. You can always ask ur teachers for them.

    I hope i can help u la... if u still have anymore queries, feel free to contact my email la...

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