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7 habbits of highly effect

is 7 habbits of highly effect a NON-FICTION?

i really need to know cuz i need to finish a non-fiction book report

please & thank you


sorry i should be "the 7 habbits of highly effective teens"

it is a book but i can't tell if it's a fiction or a NON-fiction

it is written by Sean Convey


i forgot to check!

Update 2:

um another mistake

it should be "HABIT" not "HABBIT"


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    The 7 habits of highly effective teens is a non-fiction. For details, please refer to the following website:


    2009-08-13 20:09:24 補充:

    The website only tells you what the book is about, but I personally know that it is a non-fiction.

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  • Bluedy
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    1 decade ago

    What is 7 habbits? I can't find from dictionary the verb ' habbits'. Your question to ask for help cannot be understood. Is this a book or a fiction?

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