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Should the Williams sisters be allowed to cherry pick which Tournaments they play?

therefore to arrive at Grand Slams fresh and rested?

*Would a Formula 1 driver be allowed to pick and choose which races he will participate in? NO he has 17 races and thats it. Point being..why dont Tennis players have a compulsory number of events that they must participate in?

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    Actually for women's professional tennis there is a mandatory number of events that top women must participate in. It just isn't big enough

    The top women must participate in at least ten tournaments not including the 4 grand slams or end of the year championships. Of those 10, there are 4 mandatory events that all players must attend or they will be fined/suspended. Those 4 are Indian Wells, Miami, Madrid, and Beijing. However, this hasn't stopped the Williams sisters from continuing to protest Indian Wells by not attending it for their own silly reasons.

    You are right that it is unfair for them to not participate in a certain number of events. If you are going to be a professional tennis player than you should be dedicated to it, or retire. Professional baseball players can't sit at home for half the season and then show up in September and play with the team and then go to the playoffs. It just doesn't work like that.

    There should be a higher number of tournaments that the top players are required to play in. They are professionals and get paid good money by their sponsors, so they should be playing for the benefit of their fans. The only obvious exception is if the player is injured because then they shouldn't be penalized for not playing.

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    Basically Tennis Players do have a certain amount of tournaments they have to play in in a year if they want to gain enough ATP points to stay at No 1 (or whatever position they are ranked at). There are hundreds of tournaments on the go around the world and obviously they cannot play in every one. Also a single tournament last from 1 to 2 weeks with matches sometimes every day, unlike formula one which takes place over 3 days before the whole circus moves on to the next venue - the drivers rest during this time. So tennis players are probably working a lot harder then their formula 1 counterparts.

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    There is actually now. ATP has the Masters 1000 and the WTA has tier one tournaments, all of which have rules that basically make the top players play in them.

    I think it is comparable to golf, Tiger only plays the 4 majors, 4 WGC events, and maybe 10 other PGA Tour events a year, plus a couple other events for a total of 20 tournaments. The top tennis players play about the same amount (with the exception being the Williams in past years, not so much this year).

  • racecar driver verses a tennis player, hmmm, not a good analogy there buddy. A driver vs an athlete, not to discount a formula 1 driver as those f1 cars are not easy to drive, but a tennis player is running all around the court, I'd say tennis is alot more physical, overall their should be a set number I agree but to play every single tourny would be impossible.

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    I suppose if you are good at what you do, you can pick and choose. It's like actors - if you have got to the top of your profession, you can pick and choose the parts you want to take on.

    I don't see anything wrong with it.

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    I think all players are allowed to do that based on their rankings.

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    Whats your problem with the sisters? Of course they should be allowed to play when and where they choose.

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    No, they should have compulsory tournaments like the 9 Masters in men's tennis. Any, those two are half men and so they have the edge over real female players.

  • Anonymous
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    NO your clearly just a hater

    thats one of the most stupidest things ive ever heard

    they can do whatever they dam well please

    there are no rules saying YOU NEED to play these tournaments

    Just accept that their champions and stop sooking

    Source(s): Im over Williams sisters haters
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