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How can I stop feeling so ugly?

I ALWAYS feel ugly and gross! My best friend is beautiful! I'm really sick of feeling so ugly with all the pressure as a teen! I've felt this way for so long, and I just want advice on how to accept myself as the way I am. I know things like "don't compare myself to others" but I do! How can I not, like how can I change my mind so I don't do that! Also, any tips to make me look better to boost my confidence?

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    i'm a 15 male and i'm in high school and i know exactly what your going through. when i was about 13 i started to develope acne as i moved outta high school it got worse and worse. now im in high school and kids would make fun and tease me, i mean say things to my face they u would not believe. i never let it stop me completely but it did take a serious toll on my self esteem. what i realized is that u have to love yourself for u. everyone has their flaws but everyone also has something about them is absouletly beautiful. instead of relying on my looks all the time i reply on my personailty and other things like the way i dress and commicate with others. my face has cleared up tremendously it's not perfect but it's very bearable and i still have to go back this year i'll be in 10th. u can't let people get u down because it will only tear u apart physically and mentally. beauty is in the eye of the beholder and who ever loves u is gonna love u for who u are and not just on how u look. people are so shallow now and days they u shouldn't pay them any mind. but i understand where u are coming from. just pray and keep your hopes high because things will get better for u. it's just one of many fazez that teens go through as well as myself. our inprefections is what makes us human and sooner of later your inprefections will be overshadowed by your personailty and people will start to reconnize u for who u really are deep down inside :]

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    Stop. Right now. Stop comparing yourself and your body to your friends, to people around you. Consider what your best qualities are and play those up in the way you dress and the way your carry yourself. Find ways to dress for your body type, instead of wearing sac dresses or ill-fitting garments. Smile. Look at yourself in the mirror and really get to know your face. Almost every teenage girl is feeling the same way you are right now. This is the body you were born into, so just learn to make the best of it!

    I find that, as a little way of boosting my self confidence without letting other people know is to wear really cute underwear under even the most boring plain old outfits. If you're feeling sort of blah or ugly, just remember how cute your underwear are!

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    First of all, I hear ya. There have been times when I've cried myself to sleep because I've thought I was ugly. But, I want you to know something. Just because u don't look like a girl on a magazine does not make u ugly. Plus, if you want others to accept u, u need to accept yourself. I know it's not easy. But, just remember it's what's in the heart that counts. If a guy won't be with u because of how u look, then they're not worth being with. Plus, God loves you. He made you wonderful. You may not feel beautiful, but you are beautiful. People's woth should not be measured by physical appearances. I understand completely what u r going through, but just hang in there. Trust in Jesus if you don't already, and He'll help u. Trust me, He will. One more thing: Who says you have to have a bf to be beautiful or well liked?

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    Wake up every morning, and tell yourself you're beautiful

    Everyone is gorgeous in their own way

    If you want to stop felling ugly, how about you start telling yourself your ugly

    Stop focusing on your negatives, and start looking at your positives

    You might have bad teeth, but you have amazing eyes and hair

    (lol I don't know how you look like, but I'm just using that as an example)

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    Sweetie, ive been there. I think that every girl goes through it. No worries, soon youll notice that everyone is beautiful in there own way (:

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    Concentrate on the pretty in you. Tell yourself that the pretty will hinder the ugly.

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    just put a bag over your face like i do

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