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Was Jeff Hostetler a great quarterback?

Don't answer it if you don't know it. I'm not looking for google answers.


Harris: Learn to read. I said I'm NOT looking for google answers.

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    In my opinion Jeff was a great quarterback after alll he did win a Superbowl and got the job done . No he wasnt flashy but the dude was tough as an old Walnut I saw Jeff take some Hellaciouse beatings and still hobble back on the field and play his guts out. With all the new rules in place to protect the little Macaroons like Tom Brady who cant take a hit I bet Jeff could have played into his 60's. What more can you ask of a Quarterback? Maybe he didnt have 4 rings or go about wearing fur coats or Hubcaps around his neck but that dont make a quarterback where I come from, getting the job done does and Jeff always did his part and you can take that to the bank.

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    Above average, for a Superbowl quarterback a tad bit better than Trent Dilfer.

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    Hoss, was not a great quarterback but, a good quarterback with a GREAT team around Him.

  • Great in his era No! But he plaid in an era stocked with qbs. With all the bogus rule changes he would be considered great if he played today.

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    Not by NFL standards.

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    if your looking for google answers, google it yourself.

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