Have u taken any short trips anywhere ? I need a vaction?

I dont really have time to take off from work. So maybe I can do a small trip with the 3 day weekend coming up for labor day, but where the hell do I go that wont take 2 days of driving ?!

I dont think I want the beach.. i'm going on a cruise next year. I really wanna go to San Antonio or something but thats too far of a drive.

I'm Open to ANY SUGGESTIONS ! I just needa escape Louisiana for a while heh


The French Quarter is the LAST thing I wanna do.. I'm there every other weekend

Update 2:

Sorry Chuck .. it sounds great but.. I really dont wanna pay 700$ for 2 nights at a beach house when its just my boyfriend and I

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    Dauphin Island Alabama

    it's a 2 1/2 or 3 hour drive

    they don't have chain hotel but you can rent beach houses or condos.

    it's a small and quiet place not crowded.

    you can fish, play golf, visit the Fort or the Estuarium.

    the seafood is excellent and they have several very good restaurants.

    if you need a bit of city life or want to stock o groceries Mobile is a short drive away.

    they have the great store with lower than walmart prices and good food.

    Jimmy Lowe's Fruit Stand

    3271 Old Shell Rd

    Mobile, AL 36607


    the biggest store on the Island is called Ship and Shore and it carries a bit of everything but they do charge a premium for it. The beer and alcohol are very high and they don't sell it on Sunday,

    they have a few bars, if your looking to kick up your heels but this is not the islands best quality.

    If you get bored they have a car ferry that will take you across the bay to Gulf shores.

    It's nice to sit on the beach just relax.

    the shrimp and crab prices are about 1/3 cheaper than here in N.O.

    I love making a crab meat omlette or salad and not paying caviar prices for it.

    they have a place called Skinners seafood just to the right of the water tower or where the north south road meets the the main road that runs east and west

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    If you're looking for a quiet weekend getaway, just want a little peace and quiet and some R&R, try renting a cabin in the woods. :-)

    There is a campground called Bogue Chitto Water Park, between Tylertown, MS and McComb, MS, just off US 98. You can rent a cabin (if one is available) very reasonably. The campground itself is heavily wooded, beautiful, and mostly shaded during the day. There are trails winding through the woods that are fit for walking and bicycling. The campground is also adjacent to the Bogue Chitto River. There are a couple facilities that rent inner tubes and kayaks, and shuttle service to carry river tubers upriver.

    The BCWP is only about 2 1/2 to 3 hours north of N.O.


    Also in the nearby vicinity is another campground called "Hidden Springs Resort". It is a few miles west of BCWP, and is a little more difficult to find. They also have a limited number of cabins available. Beware, tho, the word "resort" is used very loosely here. It is basically just another heavily wooded campground adjacent to the river. They do however, have two functional swimming pools.

    If you decide to do either one, or any wooded area for that matter, be sure to bring your skeeter repellent!

    I have stayed at both campgrounds, and enjoyed both. My fam really enjoyed the hiking/biking trails at BCWP. We used the river for swimming there. Hidden Springs is nice due to the pools, but I personally prefer BCWP.

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    Funny I was feeling the same way the other day. We went to Biloxi for the day and that helped. I don't know what you like, but here's a few close places we like to visit when we need a small break...

    Flint Creek State Park in MS, (we rent a cabin) http://www.phwd.net/parks/flint%20creek/default.as...

    Mobile, AL we tour Bellingrath Gardens, and that battleship, and hit a few museums

    We like to do flea markets and antique shops and will just drive along I-10 and hit em as we go and then stay in a hotel along the way.

    Vicksburg, MS we like the museums and historical sites

    I know you said you want to escape LA, but I find a trip to Baton Rouge or Natchitoches is a welcome change of scenery and if you splurge on a really nice hotel or B&B it really makes it special.

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    You might want to try the French Quarter of New Orleans. There's lots of music,voodoo, and Mardis Gres. It's the hometown of jazz! It is a charming city.

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    You could head up to Natchez or Vicksburg. There is lots of history in those two cities to explore and find.

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    We usually went to the beaches along Mississippi & Alabama. Dauphin Island is one of my favorites ^^^

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    Gulf Shores, Destin, Perdidio Key, Pensacola, or go stay at a plantation somewhere in LA. Ponchatoula, Vacherie, St. Francisville, etc. or go to mississppi and stay at the Beau Rivage. They have good music playing there.

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