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What kind of questions are there in Chase bank Personal banker test. I am taking it in Midtown Manhattan soon.?

Chase Bank Personal Banker test in Midtown Manhattan.

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  • Diana
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    5 years ago

    If your Husband supports you like you say then he should foot the bill while you are in school. You will make triple once you become a nurse you guys need to make some sacrifices now for a big payday later. Try tyo take as many classes onlline as you can. then take the rest regular I suggest you take out student loans to take care of the financial burdens dont spend the money but pay off your bills. See if you husband can get a second job. Try to find a school that has daycare for your daughters. GOOD luck That personal banker will not help you out at all gas prices alone have eaten up that 1.50 raise an hour not to mention the rest of inflation. Each person inthe household nowadays needs to make at least $50,000.00 just to be comfortable and pay your bills and have some kind of entertainment budget for your family. You can't make that being a teller or personal banker. That is just a fancy name for more work. Good Luck

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