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Are there driving techniques that you use when you’re low on gas? How are you able to save fuel?

Ever found yourself running low on gas and in danger of coming to a complete stop? What methods have you used to get the last bit of juice from your car and make it home or to a gas station? Let us know.

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    This isn't a comprehensive list, but wanted to add a few things:

    Turning off the A/C is good, but running the A/C is a better choice than rolling down the windows, because of the drag.

    Using the stereo and lights have no effect on your gas mileage. Don't try to limit light usage, for safety reasons, too.

    Do regular maintenance on your car. Get those oil changes. Do the work you need to have done every 30,000 miles, depending on your car. Change the air filter if needed, when you have an oil change. Ask them to check it. Check your oil levels. Make sure tire pressure isn't too high or too low.

    When choosing a route, highways are best, but if you're driving in the city plan main roads, because stop lights create less stop-and-go traffic. It's stop signs that create the stopping that make you lose out on mileage.

    Keeping spare gas in the trunk of your car is unsafe, but I'll admit that I've done it. I kept about a gallon in the safe, approved storage tanks. I'm also an auto club member, and I make sure my cell phone is always charged (or get a car charger), so if I do run out, I'm OK.

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    I keep the throttle at a constant 1/8th or so.. I get up about 5 over the speed limit, and COAST. I also use the brake AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE.

    If I can take a corner at the speed limit without endangering myself, or anyone else, I do it.

    This is a problem I find myself having CONSTANTLY, and I've actually gotten so low on fuel before that it quit just a few inches away from the gas pump...

    Funny thing is I got higher gas mileage going 90 MPH than I did 55, or 70! I think that's just MY car though..

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    Good driving habits gets you that extra mile per litre. A fuel conscious guy follows whatever technics by the book. Methods uses can sometimes be disastrous like coasting downhill free gear with engine off for free roll. Without traction the vehicle could spun over when negotiating a corner downhill or slow reaction when oncoming vehicles cut into your lane. Save but be safe.

    Something more radical perhaps, like keeping a 5m fibre rope (3/4 ins) with snap-link at each end in your spare wheel compartment. All cars have towing ring below the bumper.. Money can pay for service assistance to passerby to help tow but extremely difficult to buy fuel.


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    I try my best to stay on open road, and keep my car going on a constant speed so I do not lose fuel due to acceleration or deceleration (stopping). If all else fails I carry a small amount of fuel in my trunk in case I run out of gas.

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    This is true and tested- Drive happily with a good mood and avoid being angry it will save about 1/4 to 2/4 of the remaining fuel. <3

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    THIS WAS ON BRANIACS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the thing was they tried going as slow as possible

    stopping and starting

    and as fast as possible

    going as fast as possible (at a steady speed) made them go the furthest AND by quite a big deal too, if i remember rightly.

    AND another way to save gas is following behind a large truck or car

    ..but this is very dangerous. DO NOT DO IT

    but works!! as it minimizes air resistance

    and you have to be like less than half a meter from the back of them

    but as i said, its dangerous as if they break you have no stopping distance

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    You may try maintaining your vehicle speed constantly between 45~55km/hr. That's gonna save you tonnes of petrol in the long run. However if you're driving in Singapore. It is totally not possible due to the amount of traffic lights installed on the roads.

    Singapore is a City that consist of most traffic lights per metre run in the world!

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    Just hold the gas petal to the floor and hope for the best

    Fantastic Ford Fuel Saving Tips

    You remember the episode of Seinfelt where Kramer and The car salesman were seeing how far they could go without running out of gas.

    To Funny


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    One thing that really helps is keeping your Air conditioning or heating off. Both of these things consume your gas. Another thing you can do is when you stop at a traffic light turn your car off. This will save your gas and when the light turns green you can turn the car back on.

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