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What kind of surfboard is this?

So, I'm thinking of buying this board off of craigslist to get me started. What I'm looking for is a funboard or egg type surfboard.. you know, somewhere between a longboard and a shortboard. So, I found this 6'4" board, which LOOKS like what I want, but I can't tell?

So, my question is.. funboard or not?

And also, what make is this surfboard?

Here are the images:

Thanks in advance. :)

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  • John F
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    This is sort of a funboard/egg shape. But, it's a brand I have never heard of. Now, if you are asking this question on this site, you just plain don't know enough about surfing to buy ANY surfboard on libne, without a big risk of getting ripped off. And, what do you plan to do with it once you get it?

    You are getting ahead of yourself. Back off on buying a surfboard, and heed this advice. Before you even think about surfing, there are some things you should understand. Surfing is an ocean sport, that should only be practiced by persons who are already competent ocean swimmers. Swimming in a pool is neat, but it's not ocean swimming, with undertows, rip tides and sometimes BIG waves. I have seen lots of great pool swimmers get rescued. So, my first tip on how to surf is to be at home in the ocean. It doesn't matter how fast you can swim in a pool or run on a track, it matters how well can you swim in a rip current in overhead waves.There are way too many dangerous people in the water now. They are a danger to themselves and other surfers, don't join their ranks.

    Lessons are the best way to start. Lessons can come from a professional instructor, or surfing family members. You have to learn surf etiquette (so the experienced surfers in the line up don't want to drown you), how to paddle and take off on a wave, and how to ride a wave. The last thing experienced surfers want is for inexperienced people to just grab a board, rush into the surf and get in our way.

    Lessons shorten the learning curve significantly. And they help keep ignorant, un-prepared kooks out of the water and out of the way of more experienced surfers. Lessons can come from friends or family.

    Beginners should take advantage of renting boards and wetsuits while taking lessons. If it turns out you don't like surfing, you haven't wasted a whole lot of money on gear that you are not going to use. When you are ready to buy, don't waste your time on line, go to a good local surf shop to discuss your size (weight is import, height isn't), skill level and local wave conditions. And if possible, avoid popouts, and boards made in sweat shops in China, unless that's just all you can afford. And don't forget, there are always used boards for sale in every surf shop. After almost 43 years of surfing, I still get my surfboard buying advice at good local shops in the places where I surf.

    And, I know there are lots of nice kids who want to share information with you on line. But don't take the advice from youngsters, who may know even less than you do about surfing, a surfboard is a big investment.

    After almost 43 years of surfing, I still get my surfboard buying advice from good local shops in the places where i surf.Please read the link first. Good luck!

  • nunns
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    firewire and al merick are very well forums. they're probaly probably the most general in the marketplace, however they arrive with a well cost. i ridin each and good i just like the al merick alot higher. however my favourite company of all time is erie. i've had two erie forums and i like them. it simply is dependent upon you variety on what form of board you experience. i love to experience quad fin forums, they're such a lot smoother

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    There isn't enough information to answer this question. Here's what I'd need to know:

    How old are you?

    How much do you weigh?

    Where do you plan to surf?

    What size surf do you plan to surf?

    Have you ever skim boarded, body boarded, wake boarded?

    In general, I'd say pass on this board and get something shaped by a reputable brand...Robert August, Channel Islands, etc...

    Ian Drake

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