Is it better to go to a community college or a private school for a esthetics program (California)?

I live near San Francisco and there are many private cosmetology/esthetics's programs that are very expensive, i.e Cinata Aveda, Paul Mitchell. Then there are community college programs that cost a lot less. Whatever school someone goes to, they learn the same foundations. However, I wonder if going to a private school, with a lot more advanced technology, networking, etc. is more beneficial or is it the training/advanced courses that you take after one gets their license that shapes ones education?

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    Oh cool! I'm taking esthetics course too! next month in fact and I am going to a private school. You could go to a community college but private schools usually have good connections to companies you can work for. And even if you don't get that, you are more and likely to get a job with them. Ex. work in a paul mitchell salon since you would've trained with them. At my private school, we are getting a huge make up kit and a spa kit that we get to keep. one less thing you have to buy for your business! I say go private unless money is a major issue. It will pay off in the end

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    I think you have it backwards. It's a community college that will offer a 2 year program, while a private college will probably be 4 years (although some traditional 4 year colleges offer 2 year RN programs also). But I would recommend a community college or two year program to start out. Although with prerequisites it will probably take you about 3 years, you will get your RN license sooner and can get to work, and hopefully land in a hospital that will offer tuition assistance for completing your 4 year degree later on. There is virtually no difference between a 2 year and 4 year degree in terms of pay (my hospital pays only $1 more per hour for a 4 year degree) and I have never seen any nurse discriminated against in the workplace or treated differently because they only held a 2 year degree. Just know that if you later want to hold a management position in a bigger hospital, you will need to get a BSN. But it's not necessary for regular old staff nurse positions. Some hospitals say they prefer BSN grads, however in this day and age, with the shortage of nurses, they can prefer all they want, but in the end they have to hire any nurse they can to keep enough staff, so they cannot afford to NOT hire 2 year RNs.

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    Even though the private schools are more expensive, they are better than the community college

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