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Sean G
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Sean G asked in SportsBoxing · 1 decade ago

Povetkin v Chambers II? Who wins and why?

I think Chambers has shown improvement. Is it enough to win this time?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think that Povetkin vs Chambers II would be an awesome fight, perhaps even the best, most competitive one that could be made in heavyweight division right now. Both these guys are excellent boxers and they are both in line for a title shot against Wladimir at this moment, but I honestly don't believe that either would be able to deal with him yet, Povetkin especially because his style of fighting is tailor made for Wlad. So for them to have a rematch in a final eliminator would probably be the best idea.

    As far as skill and talent are concerned Eddie and Alexander are at about the same level, but since their first fight, their careers have gone in different directions.

    Alexander has pretty much been stagnating since then. In fact, judging by his last two performances, he even got a bit worse. He hasn't made any improvements in his defense, which was the most important thing for him to do and against Estrada he clearly showed up fat, slower than ever and in the worst shape of his career. He got tired and started breathing heavy very early on in that match and it was his mental strength that got him the win there, more than anything else.

    Eddie, on the other hand, has improved dramatically and his last outing was particularly impressive. It was a clinic and a great showcase of his all around abilities against much bigger, heavier, undefeated opponent who was supposed to be a strong favorite to win. Eddie turned up in the best physical condition of his career so far, he kept the same pace and punch output throughout the fight and didn't fade in later rounds, which was exactly the reason why he lost to Povetkin the first time. Their fight was even for about the first 4 rounds, Eddie might have even been getting the better of things till that point as he was landing cleaner shots, especially counter right straight which got through and rocked Povetkin several times, but then, once Alexander stepped it up, his stamina betrayed him and he could no longer follow. He got into a defensive mode from there on and simply got outworked till the end of the fight.

    So, this time it could be different. I think that, in order to win, Eddie would have to show up in at least the same shape as he did for Dimitrenko, probably even slightly better because here he would have to keep the punch output at a higher level then he did in that fight and also be able to do that for 12 rounds. Both these guys have very good chins and neither is a big puncher so this would definitely go the distance once again. In fact, I think that the match would be very similar to the first one, with Alexander being the aggressor and coming forward at high pace all the time, but also leaving him self open for counters in the process, especially the right hand because he clearly still hasn't dealt with that yet. Eddie is faster then him and definitely has the ability to use that and capitalize on this lack of defense. It's just a question if he could keep it together and stay the distance with Povetkin's pace this time. And, like I said, judging by their last performances, at this moment he probably might. This is a very close match, but I think Eddie would have to be considered a slight favorite now.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    To Ms. Christina above: Chambers is no longer a fatty. He weighed 208 in his last fight. He's in shape now. He'll be able to sustain his attack in a rematch against Povetkin. Chambers decision win. He won the early rounds of his fight with Povetkin, then gassed out. Aint gonna happen again.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Povetkin. Chambers is a fatty!

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