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what are some good names that start with A?

my name stars with an A and i want my kids name to start with As to but i don't know any good unique ones it has to look good with the name aguilar which is my last name ,i don't plan on getting married or having a boyfriend they'd be MY kids i will raise them alone id like them to have middle names to they don't have to start with an A so if you have any suggestions on that as well that would be awesome ,also im mexican the names don't have to be mexican just not to white sounding lol thanks is


i will most likely adopt

and thanks for all your suggestions but i can use abby (thats my nieces name and my sister wont be to happy with that ) and alexsis is out cuz thats my name and i hate it lol

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    Alexandra {Alex}

    Allison {Ally}

    Addison {Addy}
















    Aubrey {Aubs}

    Audrey {Auds}

    Amanda {Manda}





    Antonio {Toni}

    Agustus {Gus}






    Alexander {Alex}




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    Girls' names:

    Abbey Aguilar

    Abela Aguilar

    Abelina Aguilar

    Abilena Aguilar

    Abriella Aguilar

    Abiella Aguilar

    Abrille Aguilar

    Adalena Aguilar

    Adelia Aguilar

    Adeline Aguilar

    Adelina Aguilar

    Adina Aguilar

    Adriana Aguilar

    Alana Aguilar

    Alannah Aguilar

    Alessa Aguilar

    Alessia Aguilar

    Alianora Aguilar

    Alina Aguilar

    Alvira Aguilar

    Amalie Aguilar

    Amalia Aguilar

    Amalina Aguilar

    Amaline Aguilar

    Amara Aguilar

    Ambria Aguilar

    Amelia Aguilar

    Amélie Aguilar

    Amelina Aguilar

    Ameline Aguilar

    Amiela Aguilar

    Anatalia Aguilar

    Angelina Aguilar

    Anina Aguilar

    Annika Aguilar

    Annelise Aguilar

    Annella Aguilar

    Anya Aguilar

    Annora Aguilar

    Annorah Aguilar

    Arabella Aguilar

    Aracely Aguilar

    Arcelia Aguilar

    Arelie Aguilar

    Arela Aguilar

    Aria Aguilar

    Ariah Aguilar

    Ariana Aguilar

    Arianna Aguilar

    Ariela Aguilar

    Ariella Aguilar

    Arielle Aguilar

    Arista Aguilar

    Asalia Aguilar

    Aubriana Aguilar

    Audriana Aguilar

    Aurelia Aguilar

    Aurélie Aguilar

    Aurora Aguilar

    Aveline Aguilar

    Avellana Aguilar

    Avia Aguilar

    Aviah Aguilar

    Aviela Aguilar

    Aviella Aguilar

    Boys' names:

    Abel Aguilar

    Abelino Aguilar

    Aberly Aguilar

    Abiel Aguilar

    Abram Aguilar

    Abramo Aguilar

    Adamo Aguilar

    Adiel Aguilar

    Adler Aguilar

    Adney Aguilar

    Adomas Aguilar

    Adriel Aguilar

    Adrien Aguilar

    Aemilio Aguilar

    Aimo Aguilar

    Alban Aguilar

    Albano Aguilar

    Albin Aguilar

    Aldo Aguilar

    Alister Aguilar

    Alton Aguilar

    Amelio Aguilar

    Ames Aguilar

    Amon Aguilar

    Amos Aguilar

    Amram Aguilar

    Ander Aguilar

    Andor Aguilar

    Andreo Aguilar

    Ansel Aguilar

    Antony Aguilar

    Apollo Aguilar

    Apolo Aguilar

    Ari Aguilar

    Arlo Aguilar

    Artur Aguilar

    Arturo Aguilar

    Asa Aguilar

    Asiel Aguilar

    Aurélien Aguilar

    Aurelio Aguilar

    Aureo Aguilar

    Azel Aguilar

    Aziel Aguilar

    Hope this helps!

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    J.w - How do you plan on having kids without a boyfriend or husband?

    And here are my suggestions:

    Annabelle Aguilar

    Anne Marie Aguilar

    Alison Aguilar

    Adriana Aguilar

    Alaya (uh-lay-la) Aguilar

    Alina (uh-lean-a) Aguilar

    Ariana Aguilar

    Arian (are-e-in or air-e-in) Aguilar

    Amy Aguilar

    Anna Aguilar

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    If your not going to have a boyfriend or husband then how are you going to have a baby. You do know where they come from right. (unless you're planning on adopting). Raising a child on your own is a very hard thing to do and the child will ask one day ''Where is my daddy?" or ''How come everybody else has a daddy and not me?''

    Alexis, Aden, Andrew, Andy, Annabelle, Annie, Anastasia, Adrianna, Adaris (A-dare-ous) Abby, Abigail, Ariel, Anthony, Amory, Abel, Abraham, Abe, Ann, Anna, Alice, Alison, Alicia, Arianna, Alyssa, Ally, Alex, Alexandra, Alexandria, Amanda, Amber, Amelia, Amy, Ashley, Ashton, Aubry, Anne-marie, Angela, Alec, Angel, Angelina, Aaron, and Arther

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    Alina Aguilar

    adalyn aguilar

    addison aguilar(boy)

    alana aguilar

    aaric aguilar

    avani aguilar

    akeno aguilar

    arielle aguilar

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    A thats a good choice!

    My name is Alicia it's not prounounced Alisha but Alisea here are some names I recommend

    .Alicia (of course!)




    For guys I recommend



    and that's about it

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    I personally love the name Abigail. Or for a first/middle name Alexis leigh.

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