Do you like Maybelline Full N Soft? Covergirl Lashblast?

I'm asking because I have medium to short thin lashes that have no natural curl. But normally when I wear volume mascara my lashes are all spidery if not clumpy and I look like a ho. even when i seperate my lashes they are still all uneven and it's just a disaster lol.

I hear lashblast is great but I don't know if it will clump my thin lashes and clump bunches of my lashes together. also the brush is kind of big, idk if it will work for my lashes but i'm pretty good with mascara so i'm not too worried..

full n soft seems more natural, but I hear it smudges, and with PE everyday that is definitely not what I want. the waterproof formula might fix that but waterproof is a pain in the butt to take off!

so basically... do you think lash blast is too much for everyday use, should I go with the more natural full n soft?

sorry for the long description, I overthink everything lol. but i can only buy one so yeah gotta make sure i pick the right one ^^ ty in advance

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  • Sage
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    1 decade ago
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    I have boycotted both maybelline, covergirl, loreal and estee lauder forever after watching a youtube video and finding out they test on animals!

    The best mascara I have ever used on my thin, sparse eyelashes is The Body Shop which DOES NOT test on animals! Other brands that don't are:



    Bonne Bell



    Burt's Bees


    Please, allthough this is besides the point help us get makeup brands such as maybelline to not test on animals!

  • 4 years ago

    Maybelline is an overall nicer brand than Covergirl. Covergirl makes your eyelashes fall out.

  • 1 decade ago

    lashblast is amazing. and it doesn't clump at all.!

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