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Any Fun Things To On A Long Plane Ride?

Okay, I'm going to Chicago, and I'm In Los Angeles. Its a five hour flight and I'm gonna be bored if i don't find something to do, its gonna be to early to sleep and i read all of my twilight books. If you suggest reading please list some books. :) thank you!

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    A direct flight between LAX-ORD is 4h.

    I would bring some magazines and load the MP3 player with your favorite music. If you have a portable DVD-player and a movie, the trip is already over :-)

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    For a flight that is five hours long, it will be over before you know it. You completely loose track of time and its over so quickly, almost like you are in a time haze.

    I find sleep the best, I don't know about anyone else but it seems like as soon as I set foot on a plane I just want to sleep.

    As for ideas, listen to your ipod and upload some podcasts to listen to, take a portable dvd player and watch a movie through your headphones, find something to write a list about, write a story, take food to eat to dull the bordom with food.

    good luck

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    That's actually not a very long flight, I'm going to Australia from Chicago and it will take over 30 hours

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    im going to Orlando tonight. i have the same problem. Im going to bring magazines, cards, and electronics

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    Join the mile high club :)

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