Paint brand suggestions?

So I'm going to be rebuilding a 1950 Chevy Pick Up. I'm thinking ahead to paint so that I can stick to the color scheme as I have parts off the chassis. I've decided that I'm going to work a two-tone plan in something close to the Empire Red and Moonlight Cream colors that were used in 1950. I'm not hung up on using exact color match paint, but I'd like to stay close.

Here's the dilema, I want to have a supply in spray cans to use on the loose parts, and have it come in quarts to feed a HVLP gun, presumable both from the same company. And I'd love it if the colors picked were ones that had been around a while and were likely to stay around a while.

So, can anyone in the know suggest a decent brand, that provides bulk and touch up paint, and two colors that fit my criteria?

Thanks for your time.

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    Any of those are great.If you use a base/clear system the base can be sprayed from cans.Otherwise you'll need a two part product that cannot be used from a can.

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    DuPont and PPG have been around for quite some time and have even been used by the manufacturers

    As for the colors your local paint supplier will mix up the colors . Check out their color chip selections

    You can buy a gallon of your main color and a quart of your secondary color or whatever quantities you will need and then about a 1/4 -1/3 more for touch-ups and details these do add up so 1/2 more more wouldn't be too far from being workable

    Use a touch-up gun so the paint is of the same batch and will match perfectly

    It seems (to me anyway) that the spray-can paints aren't as durable and then the color match can be off (different batches and mixes).

    The red and cream is a good choice

    I painted one 72 Volkswagen green and 76 Corvette yellow accents a bit bright but the colors worked well together

    Some parts stores and JC Whittney carry a reusable spray can , I have never used one but have heard mixed views of them

  • Not sure where you live , but here there is a place called English Colors that supply all of the painters . They can get your color converted to a spray . There is nobody that furnishes pre canned oem paint anymore .

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