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Can i use my Bank of America Visa Debit Card in Seoul, South Korea at any Global ATM or Citibank branch?

I have done extensive research and found many different answers such as "I can, as long as there is a visa logo on an ATM, but w/ a fee."

I can not apply for a Citibank checking my best bet is to use this one...I just want to make sure I will be able to use this debit card while I am visiting Seoul, SK and have little to no problem at the ATM or Citibank banking branches...

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    I had a Century Bank (local) card when I was there. It was a Visa card and it worked fine. You can use it for purchases anywhere that Visa is accepted, but sometimes you have to find a certain ATM in order to draw out the funds. Most of the time I used the subway and convenience store ATMs. You shouldn't have any trouble.

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    It is possible to do, but be sure to notify the bank. If they do not know, they may see the financial transactions and freeze the account. Otherwise it is no problem, it will just do the usual atm surcharge

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    no but u can apply for a international debit card

    Source(s): i heard it from my dad
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