How to increase memory/ Disc space on computer?

Ok. So I bought a computer game and while downloading it, I was told that I did not have enough memory for a complete download. Also lately I've been receiving messages on my laptop saying that I am running low on disc space. I was wondering if these problems are similar and if so, how might I go about increasing the memory/ disc space of my computer? Is there something I need to buy/ should I send in my computer for more RAM? I have a Vista... if that means anything xD I am kind of a fail with computers.

Thanks in advance for any help :]

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    RAM/memory is totally different from disk space. If you want to install more stuff in your computer or copy in some more music or photos or whatever, what you need is a bigger hard drive, not RAM/memory. Ram/Memory is used and upgraded for the computer to speed up running software etc. But if it says you're running low on disk space, then here's a couple of things you can do:

    1. Uninstall programs you do not use anymore (you'll find it under Start- Control Pantel - Add/remove programs and features- something like that)

    2. Do a disk cleanup (open MY COMPUTER, right click on drive C, click on properties, click disc cleanup, check all unchecked boxes except for hibernation file, Click More options, delete shadow copies, then Click OK and disk cleanup will free up your disk space.)

  • Troll
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    Disc space=Hard drive disk space which means if you get low on you should either delete files on your laptop or buy another one.

    Memory=RAM=Random Access Memory

    This can be changed by simply buying new ones and replacing them(if you know how of course).Only on a desktop not on a laptop.Very few laptops have changeable RAM bars and support a limited amount of Memory.The older the laptop the less memory supported.

    Hope it helped!

  • Anonymous
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    There is not much point in adding ram. It might make the PC run a bit faster but it won't make more space to save stuff. You have filled up your hard drive with too much stuff. You need to delete some of it before you can put new stuff in. It is possible to upgrade the hard drive but you need a proper expert to do it or you will lose data or be forced to buy a new copy of Windows when it goes wrong.

  • John
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    low Memory = RAM

    Low on disk space = Harddrive

    You could take it in and ask them if you can get more ram.

    As far as disk space try this for s short term solution.

    To perform a disk cleanup

    Double click on MY Computer

    Right click on the C drive

    Choose Properties

    Under the general tab choose the Disk Cleanup button

    (It might take a few mins to load up – just wait for it)

    Follow the instructions

    For a long term solution to the harddrive space problem.

    Go to control panel

    Add/Remove programs

    Uninstall anything you don't use anymore.

    Source(s): IT Support Manager
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    Memory : You need more RAM. This doesn't sound like the problem you are having.

    Disc Space : You have too much stuff on your hard drive. Your options are either to delete things you don't use anymore (Add/Remove programs) or buy and install another hard drive. This sounds like it is most likely your problem.

  • Anonymous
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    You need more RAM, this installation is pretty easy. Hard part is to find the right one for your computer. You wanna get at least 4GB for Vista playing games. Just go buy external hard drive and move all the files like music and movie that most likely to take up space. This upgrade shouldn't be more than 200bucks. You can buy decent hard drive for about 100 bucks and memeory for 50 bucks depending on what type of RAM you need.

  • Jeff P
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    Either you need to get a larger hard drive, or you need to delete some files from your current one. If you have a lot of games, music, and videos on your computer, those are going to eat up a lot of hard drive space. I would suggest getting a larger hard drive. And you can never have enough RAM--for vista I would have 2-4 GB.

  • Irma
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    First mistake you made was adding Vista. You should always remember this very important rule of thumb with software & electronics: NEWER ISN'T ALWAYS BETTER! Windows XP may run efficiently with 512MB or memory, but Vista is more of a resource hog and need like 2GB of memory to work efficiently. However, if your going to add more memory, it is better that you go back to XP as 2GB in XP will perform much better then 2GB in Vista. So what you should do is Format your hard drive, Do a clean install of Windows XP Pro and add another 512MB or RAM and you should be good...

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    It's saying that you don't have enough space on the hard drive. Delete some of the porn you have and you'll be ok.

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    check the size of your hard drive, open my computer, then right clik the c drive and open properties, that will tell you how big your hard drive is and how much space is available, you may need to purchase a bigger hard drive, or an external hard drive may be good for your case, my email address is on my profile if you need more help.

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