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What is the differnce between the bible and "the king james bible"?

and which one is better.

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    Assuming that the other Bible you mention is the "Jerusalem" Bible that Catholics adhere to, the King James Bible (that most Protestants adhere to) have certain Old Testament books that has been omitted such as 1&2 Maccabees, Ecclesiasticus (not to be confused with Ecclesiastes), Wisdom, etc... because Protestants believe these books to be apocryphal, that is to say, doubtful in origin. There are other small differences in both Bibles as well. For example, Catholics have 151 Psalms (Book of Psalms) in their Bible & Protestants have only 150.

  • King James Bible is a 17-th century translation into English. Some Christians believe it is the only "accurate" translation there is in English. Actually since the 17th century quite a few older manuscripts have been found, and people have become better trained in translating Greek and Aramaic. Besides, the English used in the King James Bible is so antiquated, you'd practically need another translation of that. Which exists: the new King James Version. One of the most spectacular cases of willing blindness to the outside world there ever was.

    edit: that's it, I call Poe's law on Chris. Nobody is THAT dense...

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    The King James Bible is the first authorized version of the Bible. Before 1611 You would be promptly tortured, burned at the stake, beheaded, drawn and quartered, or murdered in some other unusual and interesting way if you tried to translate the bible from Latin, because the Catholics new they would loose control if the bible got into circulation. Now the King James is 398 years old and the English language is changing so new versions have been written from the Greek instead of the Latin, Because the new testament was originally written in Greek. So in order to maintain accuracy, new versions are taken from the original texts. The best version is the one you can easily read. I like the "New Living Translation" because its an easy and interesting read. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand what you are reading and go for it. :)

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    The King James Version is one particular translation of the Bible. The original texts were in Hebrew and Greek, though by the Middle Ages, Masses were being performed in Latin. The Catholic Church was opposed to allowing translations of the Bible into the common languages of the people, because they believed that without education in history and theology, a layperson reading the Bible directly would misinterpret the text and be led into heresy. With the later rise of Protestantism, however, Protestant denominations rejected the authority and hierarchy of the Catholic Church, and thought that everyone should be able to read the Bible for themselves, and so many translations into the vernacular were written. The KJV was (obviously) the one commissioned and authorized by King James I of England to reflect the standards and doctrines of the Church of England.

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    The King James Bible is better in a way because it there are many tools that help you understand what the bible say.

    The companion bible, King James Version is also a very good one. It has footnotes to help understand it more.

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    The King James bible is used by Protestants. The New American or the New Jerusalem bible is the one Catholics use. Protestants removed some of the books of the bible in the 16th century and rearranged some other things.

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    OK - a little explaining is in order here.

    First, "the bible" is any Christian bible. There are several types of Christian bibles, and all of them are referred to as "the bible".

    The King James Version (KJV) is a particular *translation* of the bible, what we Christians call a "version". The KJV was the most popular English translation of the bible for over 300 years, and it remains very popular (though no longer the most popular).

    Currently, there are literally dozens of English translations of the bible available in print. Which one is better depends on what you need from a bible.

    This site guides you step-by-step in selecting a bible version that is right for your needs.


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    King James version of the bible is missing 7 books from the Old testament, the deuterocanonicals

    1 Macabees

    2 Macabees






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    The King James Bible is one version of The Holy Bible. A present

    day translation is not enhanced by forms that in the time of the

    King James version were used in everyday speech. The King James

    version is therefore filled with words like "thou", "thee", and "thine"

    and old verb forms such as "doest", "wouldest", and "hadst". The

    newer versions have changed those into words we use today like

    you, me, your, do, would, and had. A team of distinguished scholars

    (over 100 from US, Great Britian, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand; and from many denominations including Angelican, Baptist,

    Assemblies of God, Brethren, Church of Christ, Lutheran, Methodist,

    Mennonite, Nazarene, Presbyterian, Wesleyan and other churches)

    worked together to preserve the original meaning and help safeguard

    the translation from sectarian bias which helps give The New International version its distinctiveness. Thousands of hours of

    research and discussion were involved regarding the meaning of

    the texts and the precise way of putting them into English. I will

    say that all translations were penned by imperfect man, so none

    can say they have reached perfection.

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    There are different versions of the bible

    King James is one of the many versions

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