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does dell make good computers?

Does dell make good computers? More specifically, the Inspiron 546 Desktop?

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    I prefer Dells for durability. They last so long you'll get sick of it. And at work we've had a few that have taken a tumble and fell off a desk or kicked.

    The problem with computer makes is that they're like cars and you're going to have to do a little reaserch and find the one that suits you. It's like cars, some people swear by Ford or GM, other swear at them, and buy a Honda.

    Same with computers, for every five Dell lovers, there's one person that bought a new Dell with all the toys and it was DOA when he got it. Then again, there's people who would bet their lives on an HP or Toshiba and one person whose HP failed right after the warranty ran out.

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    Dell is a good manufacturer but you can't single them out on a good computer manufacturer. You can also choose HP and Apple amongst other good selling companies.

    All three makers also have monthly payments to their computers so if your credit card is too high, you can premake the computer and pay a monthly lease to the computer until the end of it's contract or pay fast enough as the APR is 20+% and some credit cards you can get for 10%.

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    dell makes alot of different kinds of computers

    you cant just say that it doesnt make good computers

    and yes that computer is decent

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    Depends on what you want to do with it, for gaming or anything like that, no. For regular use, it's fine but they're expensive.

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    i thinck so

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