Best new car warranties?

Which of the auto manufacturers offer the best new car warranties? Any offer life-time warranties?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Suzuki has the best warranty, mainly because, while other manufacturers have 100K mile warranties, they are NOT transferable. Suzuki's is fully transferable so that will help when you try to sell it.

    A fully transferable, zero-dollar deductible 100,000-mile/7-year powertrain limited warranty on all new vehicles sold after August 1, 2002.

    Duration - Suzuki's powertrain limited warranty covers 100,000 miles or 7 years, whichever comes first.

    Transferable - The powertrain warranty can be transferred from owner to owner, adding value at the time of resale or trade-in.

    Deductible - There is no deductible, so Suzuki owners won't have an out-of-pocket expense.

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    1 decade ago

    Chrysler used to offer lifetime powertrain warranty but dont know if they still do.

    Hyundai/Kia offers 10yr/100k mile warranty.

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