Why do fans from both sides of MMA and Pro Wrestling make a whole 'war' out of the two? (WQ inside)?

Seriously, I noticed it's the fans making out this war. It's funny how Pro Wrestlers have some legit MMA fans and some MMA fighters are legit Pro Wrestling fans. They both respect each other for what they do. All the "promos" on UFC where they run down Pro Wrestlers as being "fake" is all for the hype only to sell the Pay Per View.

Thoughts, Opinions and/or Facts appreciated.

WQ - How do you know when a wrestler is ready to get pushed? I noticed a lot of people say, "he or she needs a push". When you say the word 'push', how far are you talking about when pushing a superstar? Winning a title or being in the Main Event?


When I said both sides have legit fans, I meant to say like MMA fighters like Frank Trigg, Tito Ortiz, Frank Shamrock and others are legit Pro Wrestling fans. Pro Wrestlers like Hurricane Helms, commentator Jim Ross and others are legit MMA fans.

Update 2:

@ Truth Trials - I watched the video and I had no idea about the history. Thanks for that and I hope people watch that! (:

@Da D3aDmAn™ (HaS Ri$eN) - Agreed. People don't realize that there are Pro Wrestlers who are avid fans of MMA and MMA fighters who are actually avid fans of Pro Wrestling.

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    Finally someone who understands that this so called war is pointless. I know it's suppose to be competition with buy rates, but that's just business. Fans need to at least give credit and respect where they deserve credit and respect. There's so much history to MMA that many fans don't know about it. I'll give the link to what I mean, but it's information on the connection between Pro Wrestling and MMA. Overall, I would just tell people to just respect both business for what they do.

    Answer -- The way I know a wrestler needs a push is when they get a good crowd reaction and doing their rightful job in their role. Since wrestling skill isn't much for getting a push, it's how a wrestler carries themselves. You don't have to win a title or be pushed into the main event to get pushed. To me being pushed means the wrestler gets more air time and is put in a notable feud or storyline to progress them in their career.

    Source(s): Pro Wrestling fan since 1993. Mixed Martial Arts fan since 1994. Here's the link of the video I meant to give you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFBihszqZ7g&feature... (He talks about the connection between the two. These are things that I know, but not sure many MMA and Pro Wrestling fans know).
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    Thank You!!! I've Been Trying To Explain This Same Topic To Friends Of Mine Who Are UFC Or WWE "Fanboys". They Act As If You HAVE To Like One Or The Other. I'm A Big Fan Of Both.The Way That UFC Critizes Pro Wrestling Makes All Of The Other MMA Fans And Fighters Look Bad.And The Way That Many Later Wrestling Fans Don't Even Know That Wrestling Is Scripted And Cause Trouble In Other Sections Gives Other Pro Wrestling Fans A Bad Name. I Highly Respect Both Wrestlers And MMA Fighters For What They Do, I'd Just Like Them To Respect Eachother.I Mean, A LEGEND In Pro Wrestling, The Undertaker, Is An Avid Fan of MMA! I Was Glad When Brock Lesnar Mentioned In That Interview About A Year Ago That Pro Wrestling Is Scripted, But Very Real As Well. This Constant Fighting Has Gotten Ridiculous. If My Favorite Wrestler Can Respect A Sport That Constantly Talks Trash About His Profession, Then That Should Serve As An Example.I Respect Pro Wrestling And MMA Because It Takes Hard Work And Sacrifice To Get Far In Both.

    WQ:When I See A Wrestler That Has Good Mic Skills, Charisma, Wrestling Ability, And Seems Like A Good Worker, That Seems To Be Ready For The Main Event. Of Course A Wrestler Doesnt HAVE To Have All Of Those Credentials, Shelton Benjamin Stinks On The Mic, Lets Face It, But At The Same Time Bret Hart And Chris Benoit Were Never Very Good On The Mic, But All Three Of Them Have Made Up For It With Their Wrestling Abililty. Shelton Should've Been In The Main Event Long Ago. And John Morrison Is Rising To That Point.

    Source(s): The Phenom Has Spoken...
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    People who don't know the difference between 'real' and 'entertainment' are the ones who make this a 'war'. Legit MMA fans know the backgrounds of the fighters. Even if say a Brock Lesnar does a stint in WWE, a 'real' fan knowns he has a legitimate amateur wrestling background.

    WWE/TNA is entertainment but it takes athleticism to do what they do 300+ days a year. Does it mean each wrestler can fight? Absolutely not...but there are some who can.

    When you talk about a 'push', it means creating a storyline that will lead him/her to the spotlight. Help get that person more exposure and lead into a possible world title shot/main event. You don't have to be a champion to be a headliner...you have to earn that draw/appeal from the fans.

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    haha ur right.i like them both.but the war should stop.

    WQ: a push is like rising through the ranks.like if a superstar is at the bottom,he or she will get a 'push' and get a title shot or title.hope that helps

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    It is simple really, it gets people talking and get the ratings.

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