Could my ex get charged with child endangerment if...?

He does not help our 8 week old daughter out medically? He won't answer his phone and my daughter is in the hospital. If she needed something from him or they needed family history info etc and he would not give it to the hospital and it was pertinent info could they legally get him to help?


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    1 decade ago
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    It may vary from state to state. But I can tell you that here in Texas, the hospital will not get involved in trying to get your husband to cooperate. The hospital will do it's best to work with the information they can get from you and others who are involved. Honestly though, he probably isn't needed given that so much can be figured out through available testing.

    The only thing I can think of for you is to contact Child Protective Services. But in order for them to get involved iin compelling your ex to cooperate is if he had some extra special rare something or another that your child otherwise wouldn't be able to live without. That is a HUGE burden on you to prove though. And while you can talk to the local law enforcement (again, the hospital will not do this for you) I can say that no DA will pursue a charge of child endangerment without some compelling reason/proof that your child's health/life is contingent upon your ex's cooperation.

    Source(s): Me - a Nurse in Texas, work with children/patients involved in CPS proceedings
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    1 decade ago

    No, this would not be child endangerment.

    You can obtain a court order for medical history, but you would need to do that, not the hospital.

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    Taking care of medical expenses should be covered in your court paperwork. If family history is needed, you may need to go back to court to obtain it.

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    1 decade ago

    Sorry, no.

    If you need information, try contacting his family.

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