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am i behind on my guitar? or at the right edge?

im 15 female,

ive been playing since november 08

and i can pretty much play anysong

except for the fast solo parts

and the whole crazy hand moving

well i can but sloppy

i practice 2 hours a day

i want to be GOOD!! at soloing,metal riffs and all

when do you know where your at

am i behind or good

btw i tough my self :)

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    well its gotten to the point in guitar history where good can be defined by a lot more than shredding. Music you create will not only be judged by technical skill, but judged on texture, songwriting, innovation, emotion, and just plain out cool sounding. I'm personally into what you could call "minimalist music", music that takes a long time to unfurl and you vibe with. Obviously there are times where the music calls for a crazy solo, but that's not the point. I mean this is strange coming from me, because I am into technical music like Progressive Rock and Thrash Metal, and i definitely think they had feeling. But it wasn't all about the soloing. Whenever the music called for one, it would come.

    But anyways. If you want to be able to play solos, first you have to know the pentatonic scale. A lot of solos in metal and rock are based in that scale. Anyways, assuming you already know it and recognize the pattern of it, then try learning other forms of it such as minor, major, and blues(which can come in pentatonic form). Anyways once you recognize what notes you should be soloing in and familiar yourself with it, try learning different techniques. Focus on perfecting techniques like legato, tremolo picking, and whatever various techniques you come by(you could easily look up any of it online). So just try all this over a riff and attempt soloing to a song you are listening to. And as time goes on, you'll come across different musical modes and exotic scales and tons of techniques, but keep in mind that the most important aspect of a solo is that it fits the music.

    Hope that helped out.

    Source(s): playing guitar for several years
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