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am i strong for a 15 year old?

i can bench press 45 kilos 12 times for 3 sets. i can reach a maximum of 65 kilos once. i do 7 chin ups b4 i can't do anymore. i can bicep curl 45 kilos once and i can pick up a 60 kilo dunbell and lift it up to my arm pit. i can squat 120 kilos once. leg press 160 kilos about 12 times before i have to stop. just ask me if you need more info n i'll go find out

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    yea u bet u are...! it's not just strenght u've got but alot of stamina too !!!...keep doin all this, ur stamina'll increase and well u can do more than what ur doin ri now !!! btw don push urself too hard or else u'd end up in the hospital with no strenth at all...! jus do how much u can !!!

    o yea n try ansrin mi q's

    copy n paste d link above !!!

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    7 chin ups LOL

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