I caught my dad cheating on my mom...what do I do from here?

a couple of months ago i went onto my dads computer to check my email. normally my dad would forget to sign out of his email account and i would do so for him and go along doing my own business. this time when i glanced at the screen, i couldnt help but to notice his emails saying something about diamond rings, love, etc. this email was written in vietnamese and being that i was born in the us, my reading and comprehension in vietnamese is about of that of a second grader. i thought nothing of that email but decided to save it anyways because there have been rumors that my dad was creeping.

currently my dad have been in vietnam. its been about two months and there is no sign of him coming back. being a little more suspicious now i decided to go back into those old emails and use an english-vietnamese dictionary to help me translate. my worst fears have been confirmed and im more lost than ever.

what do i do from here? confront my dad? tell my mom? pretend nothing ever happened?

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    I am a Vietnamese girl and has been cheated by a French man who live in Rochester US. From my true story I can see that how many cheating US husbands go to Vietnam to cheat the girls here by saying they are divorce or single men in internet. Please inform your mom, she must know the truth what kind of husband she live with. Please see my true story here and you will see how many men in US cheated their wife and kids go to Vietnam to cheat other girls here.

    These men should be dump by all women in the world. I did the right thing I told his wife the truth and gave that man a lesson how to be a Honest person. I do not know if his wife forgive him or not but the bad man should take responsibility for his cheating action. Please anybody do something stop all the US cheating husband not going to cheat and hurting people.


  • Heya huni,

    Im sorry you had to find out about this like this your dad should have been more open with his family.

    You have 3 choices:

    1: Try and get into contact with your dad and tell him he either has to tell your mum or you will and give him like a deadline!

    2: Ignore everything and pretend it didnt happen

    3: Maybe try and speak to your mum and find out what she really thinks about the whole situation with your dad in Vietnam, if you think she doesn't know anything then its your choice to explain to your mum about the emails that you discovered. I think even though I loved both my parents, the other would have the right to know.

    Is there any opportunity that your dad is coming back home as it would be easier to bring it up infront of both your mum and dad.

    Good luck huni

    Need any more help send me an email



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    Misty S. The best thing is to confront your Dad and find out what he had to say and his plan of saving his very own family. Telling your Mom will definitely trigger a world war and you and your brother or sister, if you have them will be caught in between.

    Tell your Dad also how much you love him and your mom and you don't want a broken family... Good Luck and keep your cool.

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    You cant really keep it secret or it will eat away at you, so its good you are speaking to us :) i would personaly tell my mum, i think that if she dosent know then she should or it could get worse, depending on how your dad is you may want to confront him first but i would go straiht to my mum, the only other thing you could do is wait long enough and save up the evidence to secure your thoughts on if he is or not, just to prove it wasnt just your imagination, this must be really hard for you, no one wants this to happen, but do what you feel is best! thought the truth will probably come out eventualy and it will be better the truth going to your mum from you rather than the viatimese girl or your dad.

    i hope this helps

    best of luck


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    Certainly this is an important matter as you said there is no sign of your dad coming back. I think you should try to contact him and ask him about the emails and give him a chance to tell your mother anything before you do. I think she needs to know, but he should be the one to tell her if there is anything going on. I'm sorry you have to go through this

  • .first, confront your dad, whether he likes it or not, he must spill out all the answers..then,tell your mom..i know it will get worst, your mom and you would get hurt...and probably, your parents would separate but still tell her.. if you would only pretend that it didn't happened and you would hide the truth..your conscience would never set you free and would just haunt you...if you think that if you tell her, you'd just hurt her which is true, don't be afraid and just trust her that together you'll both pull through, i bet your mother is tough and you also...(i don't mean to pry, your dad doesn't have the right to cheat on your mother.. jeez!!! it's for cowards only..hmPpp, it really annoys me..well,) from there, your mom would be the one to decide what to do..i hope it's for your betterment.. :) well, good luck..

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    well u should tell ur mother n then u guys can confront ur father...becuase the truth will be oout sooner or later...ur father is probaably gonna ask for a divorce or ur mother will find out or another way...so u no it so might as well just telll the truth to ur mother to face ur father...i mean u never no maybe it is totally different or something....Good Luck!

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    Here's a phrase i never thought i'd quote "When you assume you make an *** out of "u" and "me" - my ex gf :X newho might just be a friend...but could be cheating as-well i'd keep an eye out but don't be too suspicious..i'm sure it's nothing but watch body language,attitude..maybe chat with him more often and maybe solve this little situation.

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    I would tell your mom and then confront your dad so he can come clean about every thing. Don't forget to show her the proof.

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    seeing as you just said he is in vietnam, and you don't think he is coming back, how can you confront him? I think your mom and dad have issues that aren't your business at the moment.

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