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recently a theater director gave me a role in one of his plays which had kissing bf made a fuss help?

but my boyfriend did not want me to do kissing scenes and therefore we had fights but i did the play, but my bf being a theater actor cant accept that i have kissed another man even though he has kissed girls in plays!!! .he keeps making love almost 5 times each day coz he feels that i might move away.!how do i help him understand that i love him wont stray?

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    i know dis happens even wid me,boys are way too jealous dey cant c a boy close to u!

    talk to him make him understand dat u love him,if he still doesnt agree give him a card showing how much u trust him n in the end write"what i have done wrong dt u cant trust me pls do tell me"

    if he seriously loves u he vil come to u ntalk to u abt dis n den u cn tell wt u need to!!

    best of luck

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    I do! My fiance and I were on our first 'real' date after we'd been hanging around each other for a few weeks. We went for dinner, then back to my apartment to see if there was a movie we wanted to go to. We ended up chatting together on my couch for two more hours. Then we swapped glasses to see how strong each others' prescriptions were. He said he had to go because he had to work early the next day. Then he started the 'lean in' thing, and I was SUPER nervous because I really liked him, so I said "Is this the part where you kiss me?" Then we both cracked up laughing so hard that it was another five minutes before we actually DID kiss. After that kiss, I knew he was the man I was going to marry. I've NEVER been kissed like that. To this day, four years later, he still catches me off guard with a kiss that make my stomach dance and my heart pound. We also have an awesome "how we met" story. He is a musician, and I thought he was really cute up on stage playing his sax. I wanted to meet him, but my friend wanted to leave before his break so I wasn't able to talk to him. So I wrote "Sax player - email me" on the back of a business card and put it in his tip jar! And he DID email me!!

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    that's easy. MOVE ON. double standards don't work well in relationships

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