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Whats a good two person card game?

Looking for a two person game that can be played with one deck of cards

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    Crazy 8s or war

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    Clothing Removal Poker

    or Cribbage

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    In my opinion, the best two hand card games are:


    Two-hand Canasta

    Spite and Malice

    Two- Hand Pinochle (A game that requires more skill than any other two-hand card game)


    Everyone has heard of this game. This is a classic, two-hand card game and one of the very best. Of course, you will need a cribbage board.


    Spite and Malice is one of the most popular two-hand games played in the United States. It is especially popular as a husband vs. wife game in many parts of the U.S. It is almost impossible for one player to be so far behind that he/she must abandon hope of winning. The opponent may be down to his last card, while you have scarcely started, and you can still run out the game on him/her. In mechanics, Spite and Malice is very similar to the principle solitaire games.


    Canasta, also known by the less common name of Argentine Rummy, originated in Uruguay but became popular as a fad in the card clubs of Argentina by 1949. It quickly emigrated to the United States where it reached its height of popularity from 1949 to the mid 1950s and was the biggest game fad the U.S. had witnessed since Mah-Jongg in the 1920s. For awhile during the early 1950s, Canasta exceeded Contract Bridge in popularity. The word canasta is Spanish, meaning basket, and may first have been applied to the tray placed in the center of the table to hold the stock and discards. For anyone who enjoys Rummy card games, Canasta and its variants will prove their worth.


    Quoting John Scarne, author of Scarne’s Encyclopedia of Card Games, “Although not played as often as three and four-handed versions of the game (Pinochle), two-hand Pinochle is, in my opinion, the one game of the Pinochle family demanding of the player the most skill. No, I’ll go further than that: In this game there is more room and need for strategy than in any other two-handed game. In most two-handed games, including Gin Rummy, a lucky beginner can occasionally hold his own against an expert in a session lasting over several hours. In two-hand Pinochle, the element of skill is decisive, over the short or long run.” Aside from the melding aspect of Two-Hand Pinochle, the game bears little resemblance to its four-hand counterparts.

    See the following link for rules and other two hand card games


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    Crazy Eight's


    Go Fish

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    Spit is fast paced and very enjoyable, like an evolved game of snap.

    For younger people Go Fish is a classic.

    For a longer and more 'advanced' game, i would go with wither Euchre or Cribbage. (although Cribbage requires a lot of scoring and the peg board)

    -- Andy

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    21's its where you both start with two cards (without showing the other person) and try to draw cards in turns and try get as close to 21 as possible without going over if you go over 21 you are bust and if you draw two cards to startthe game and you get two cards that equal 21 thats call pauntoon

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    Theres Snap and go fish (well duh) And as someone below posted there is also Spit.

    If you had two decks, you could play Canasta, which is a good time consuming game, (plus you can play with more than two players, which is great!)

    Source(s): Trapped in a basement with 5 other people when New Orleans got flooded. I was scared for my life, but unbearably bored. Go figure.
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    snap lol

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