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did I do something wrong?

I was looking for a costume for a play I'm in, and I found the perfect shoes, they are like converses, but not. Except they had been painted bright orange. I needed black so a friend and I painted them yesterday, and left them out to dry, I checked them this morning, and they're still a little wet!! I need them for rehearsal TODAY at 10 am EST!! Will they be dry on time? What happens if they don't dry?

What should I do? Help!


i think it was just normal washable paint

but i found other shoes, so nvm!

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    It really depends on what kind of paint you used... If you used fabric paint they probably shouldn't still be wet, but if they had already been painted with some other kind of paint like an acrylic or something (I know it sounds weird but I've seen people do it before), and you tried to paint it with something else, it might not be able to absorb the paint as well and wouldn't dry fast enough.

    Worst case scenario... Use a blow dryer.

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    It sounds like the worst that could happen is blackfeet. It might get on other parts of your costume.

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    What kind of paint did you use?Explain

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