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traveling to uk by bus?

my friend overstayed in schengen area nearly 6 months and she have a valid uk student visa on her passport. now she want to go to uk. if she travel to uk from sweden by bus what will happen.? is she able to travel to uk through the schenghen countries such as denmark , germany, belgium and france by bus to london.? anybody have answers please advice me.

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    So you mean she is in Sweden already now having overstayed her visa? Or you mean she wants to enter the Schengen zone again in Sweden and travel to the UK

    For the latter, well she will need to apply for a new Schengen visa to enter Sweden. If the overstay was logged then she will be refused a Schengen visa.

    For the former, well there is not a definate answer, but she will have to undergo passport control leaving France and if the immigration officials there scan her passport or check the dates, then she will face a ban on entering the Schengen zone and/or a fine. The overstay WILL be logged on the SIS (Schengen Information System) and although the UK is not part of the Schengen zone, it does have access to SIS information.

    It is unlikely that her student visa will be revoked if it is already issued, but if she needs to renew the visa in the future then it could have an impact. However this is an assumption and unless you have official advice she is chancing it anyway.

    To be 100% sure, she could call the UK embassy in Sweden (of course without giving names or details) and ask for a clarification.

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    Your friend will need a valid passport and visa to travel to the UK. As she obtained a Schengen visa I assume she has a non European passport.

    As she is already in the Schenghen area she could travel as far as say, Calais. Note that on arrival her passport will be scanned and the Schengen overstay will show up. The result of this will be the UK will refuse her entry. As an overstayer her student visa will have automatically been cancelled.

    Such information is shared between EC countries including the non Schengen ones.

    Basically overstayers are not wanted in Europe. Best she can do is voluntarily go home.

    Ian M

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    She will have no problem travelling withing the Schengen area, but her passport will be examined by the French police. If they would let her go, probably not to be readmitted, the UK Border Agency will probably be reluctant to let her back into the UK.

    If they by themselves or with information from their French colleagues or via the Schengen Information System find out about her illegal stay she will probably not be readmitted to the UK. (The French and British authorities do share information and she will have to go through UK border control already in Calais.)

    The problem is not just that she seems unreliable already overstaying in the Schengen area. The major issue is that if she has not been in the UK for a long time (9 months?) they will question whether she is a genuine student. The risk of deportation would be high.

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    Hi there,

    She will still need either a passport or photo ID such as a driving license to enter the UK, as we are not apart of the schengen agreement. Your friend maybe lucky enough to not get asked for id but as far as im aware, you atleast need proof of ID such as passport or photo ID (driving license or citizens card).

    Hope that helps



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