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I got a Lump left of my cheek?

Hey. I am 17 years old virgin, and i have a lump on the left of my cheeks near my thighs. I have tried poping, but nothing come out beside blood or pus.

It doesnt hurt, but it just anoy to walk around with a lump rubbing on your cheek.

I also have uncomferm UTI so im scared if it is a desiese or it might get worse.

Im too embrasses to tell my parent nor ask a doctor.

the lump formed before i had UTI but i thought the lump was a sting from something. and i didnt notice it grow big.

Please help. Im pretty scared.

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    Don't panic! You don't say how big the lump is. However big it is, go and see your doctor. It could be many things. A cyst, a blocked pore, a reaction to an insect bite. If blood and puss came out then it is obviously infected. Just go and see you doctor. It isn't the first signs of cancer or your leg about to drop off. You will go and it will be fine and then afterwards you'll feel a bit daft for worrying so much about it.

    You could always telephone the surgery and speak to someone there first when you make your appointment.

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    its just a pimple ti will go away soon enough dont panic ive had it before

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