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Positive Dollar Tree test...then negative?

Yesterday I tested midday with Dollar Tree test and got a positive within the alloted time, so throughout the day yesterday, I took 3 more of the same dollar tree brand, and they were all clearly positive within the alloted time. I had 2 test leftover, so I took them this morning with FMU and they are both negative. I'm going to my dr this morning for a blood test. My question is why would I get 4 clear positives yesterday with midday urine and negative with FMU?

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    thats strange. When i took my test (a lot of them lol) i found that the tests were darker in the midday than with my fmu the next day. Good luck and baby dust. Keep us posted

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  • sounds to me like your pregnant and may have gotten a false negative when you tested with first morning urine . The blood test will definitely give a yes or no fore sure. Then again the dollar store pregnancy test could have been out of date or just defective.

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    this kind of got here approximately to me besides, i did no longer use the dollar Tree assessments nonetheless. I took a being pregnant try when I have been given domicile from artwork and it confirmed up detrimental. some hours later, my husband went into the bathing room and found it replaced into valuable. i did no longer believe it so I took yet another try some days later. It confirmed up valuable at present. consistent with hazard you are able to desire to attend about a minutes till now taking a third try.

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    There is what is called a false positive reading, which there is also a false negative reading. More than likely I would say that you are pregnant. I would schedule an appointment with your doctor and make for sure, better safe than sorry. And I wish you very good luck!

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  • i have had a lot of false positives, (evap lines ) on cheapies and dollar trees.

    verify this positive with a decent brand like first response?

    otherwise the blood test will answer this for you

    good luck hun x

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    could be a chemical pregnancy. good idea to go to the dr.

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