How can a 49 year old start on a new career path?

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    You can come up with a wanted to or need to buy items that.can be sold on E bay and start a business. ~~

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    Depends entirely on what you want to do.

    One of my friends started studying law at 46, was 53 when he qualified and at 62 is now a partner in a law firm.

    If you don't have something definite in mind learn internet marketing. Every year a couple of real internet millionaires run a free cutting edge training course detailing how to start your own internet business. At age 52 I came across it 5 years ago and it got me started. Now I work a few hours from home every week and enjoy the same level of income I used to put in a 60 hour week for as a salesman.

    I have never felt so free and only wish I had done something like this years ago.

    If I wanted to graft at it I could make a lot of money but having a couple of young kids the time I get to spend with them is far more important than money particularly as I will have hit 70 before my youngest is out his teens!

    The training course is the Thirty Day Challenge. It started this year on 1st August but still plenty time to catch up. The forum is a great place to make friends all over the world and is great fun to boot!

    The great thing about what they teach is the only costs you need to incur are a domain name, $10 a year and hosting, about $9 a month and possibly an autoresponder which is about $20 a month so your total overhead for a year is only about £220.

    You can learn at your own pace because they leave the training up all year, but the challenge is to earn your first $10 starting from scratch within 30 days. How far you want to go is down simply to how hard you want to work.

    Doing it changed my life. Have a look. It's absolutely free although they do use use the challenge to create awareness for the micro lending charity Kiva.

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    Please disregard the startlingly bad advice from the first two posters. You are big enough for a full size guitar but might be better off with a full size acoustic guitar with a smaller body. "Full size" means the guitar has a scale length of 24 1/2" to 25 1/2". However, there are full size acoustic guitars with a variety of *body* sizes, some larger and some smaller. The Epiphone DR-100 is a body size called dreadnought, which along with jumbo is one of the largest sizes. A somewhat smaller size, alternatively called auditorium, 000, or OM, might be more practical and comfortable for you. Many lefties learn to play right handed and it's a smart thing to do. Both hands have an important job to do and if anything, fretting is the more challenging task. You would be doing that with your dominant hand which is a real advantage. In general, lefty guitars cost exactly the same as their right handed counterparts. However, there is a much larger selection of guitars and teaching materials for the right handed player. I like the Yamaha FS-720S although it's more than you want to spend.

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    Look at all the spam you got......this used to be a good site.....

    The economy is against you and at 49 your age is going to be an issue especially with no can start a new career path if you can afford it.....I don't know what your liabilities and assets are but......

    There are thousand and thousands of talented, experience people on the street due to the economy…the competition for any job is extreme. …people will do anything for much less just to feed their kids……..I don’t expect it to get any better before 2012……

    Source(s): Hired and fired thousands over the last 40 years......
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    be an entrepreneur or do something that one haven't tried before but never had a chance to pursue it and make sure that the new career is something one love and has a passion for it so that he or she wouldn't be tired of it and exhausted...

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