I need to know how to get from morristown, nj to philadelphia, via public transit, help me out, please?!?

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    Take the Morris & Essex line to Secaucus & switch to a southbound Northeast Corridor train. From there take the R7 down to Philadelphia.

    It's kind of a pain though. It's going to take like 3 hours to get to Trenton. If you have a car, take 287 over to Edison so you can save a lot of time.

    Chinatown buses would be cheaper in this case than the Northeast Corridor + R7. Try Boltbus or Megabus. Megabus has $8 bus tickets from Penn Station to 30th Street station in Philly

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    Definitely take Amtrak. You may want to double check on it, but a friend of mine works almost in-between Harrisburg and Philly, and he takes the Amtrak line which is apparently a lot cheaper then it is when it's an option for going to NY and Washington from Philly. By doing this, he managed to get himself Gold Status or something like that pretty quickly, and takes Amtrak whenever he needs to make a trip because he gets all of the tickets, upgrades, etc. for cheap. So after a couple of trips, you can start taking the Accela up to NYC for a lot cheaper than most people, and for a lot less hassle than taking the Bolt Bus (quicker too). Double check the ticket prices though. I don't know what it costs to get from Harrisburg to Philly exactly, but the Accela to NYC is well over $100, so the savings from your leg of the journey would be worth it if you ever take Amtrak to other destinations.

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    You're going to have to take the R7 to Trenton and then walk over the bridge to Morristown.

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