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Why is the administration strong arming the TV networks?

Network executives have been privately complaining to White House officials that they cannot afford to keep airing these sessions in the economic downturn.

It's an enormous financial cost when the president replaces one of those prime-time hours. The news divisions also have mixed feelings about whether they are being used.

Had Obama not answered the last question that evening -- declaring that the Cambridge police had acted "stupidly" in arresting Henry Louis Gates Jr. at his home -- the news conference would have been almost totally devoid of news. And that raises questions about whether the sessions have become mainly a vehicle for Obama to repeat familiar messages.

The man behind the pressure Rahm 'fish head' Emmanuel. (he once sent a dead fish to somebody he did not care for)

Do you think this is abuse of power?

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    Everything about Obama is both abusive AND offensive ! He is now what he has always been, a strong arming corrupt Chicago politician. He's a thug and he always has been. All anybody with a little sense had to do was look at the stories in the Chicago Tribune covering his political life in Chicago. Had more people done that we might not be stuck with this idiot now !

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    Emanuel "the thug" is the kingpin, Obama is the agreer. His whole life has been one of going along to be liked - like Clinton. Emanuel doesn't have the personality or looks to be on stage, so he derives his power thru Obama, and he has the typical thug/dictator mentality.

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    It most certainly is abuse of power , 0bama knows if you control the media, which has become the new opiate of the masses, you wil control the people

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    The network news departments got him elected. Let them cry to somebody who cares....

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    Yes, the Clinton administration tried this trick also.

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    I think you guys becoming a couch potato, so he is doing. Have a crunch.

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    Without a doubt.

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    Anytime the President of the U.S. has something to say, I want to know about it. If it is such a waste of time why is it that so many people tune in while he is speaking.I think that networks just want something else to whine about. Most of them are **** anyway,especially Fox.

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    It called doing his job.

    Would you prefer some kind of pansy saying "pretty please".

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