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Is a size 10 fat? :3?

Because I was a size 8, and I've put on some weight :3, and yesterday when I went clothes shopping I had to get a 10 in everything ):. I didn't think this was bad, until my friend was all like ewww size ten is huge :O. I'm 14 and I'm 5'2.

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    do not let your friends define your body image. girls(and moms) are bad for this behavior. a size is a size. it,s how you feel in that size that determines your self image. you are the same size as my wife. she has been a size 8 to 10 all her life. for your age and height, you are good.

  • Anonymous
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    You should check your BMI, I'm assuming at 5'2 and a size 10 you weight around 145 - 150. If this is the case that is considered overweight for your height. Your friends were rude to react the way they did. Maybe they are just concerned. A healthy size would be from a 6 - 8. If you learn healthy eatting habits now that will stick with you for a lifetime.

    I was a size 8 for a while at 5'3 and I just just at the edge of being overweight so if you are overweight it's not by much.

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    Is your friend crazy?? A size 10 is not fat by any means. I am a size 10 and have been for all of my adult life and I'm certainly not what you would call fat! Is your friend maybe bigger than you? It sounds to me like she's a little bit jealous. Friends don't call each other fat!

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    no way is that fat! dont get yourself down, i'm a size 8, and i wear size 10s sometimes cause i can't get into my size 8s. I think a size 10 is a thin healthy size, don't listen to other people hon' :)

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    Your mad a size 10 is perfect!Ignore your friend sounds like she's just a bit jealous.Just make sure you keep at a 10 and you'll look great ; )

  • Your friend is being a *****. Obviously trying to make herself look better by slating how you look.

    Size ten is average size for women in the UK and America.

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    omg thats so mean of them saying that like !!! No my cousin is 14 and she is a 10! My friend is 13 and a size10 and every1 says shes skinny !!! so to answer your question def not !!!!

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    Oh nooo,

    You're not fat at all :) trust me everyone moves up in sizes sometimes.

    if you're insuccure about it do some excercises or cut back that's what i do if i want to go down in a size.

    But trust me that's not fat :)

    JohannaHunter =]

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    Plain and simply;Nope!

  • Anonymous
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    it is on your height

    especially at your age, a size 6 should be too big for you

    if thats UK sizes

    if its US, you should be like a 00-0 at that age/height

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