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Smoke detector went off but no smoke!!?

Who doesn't love being woken up for no reason at 4am by a stupid smoke alarm!?!

I live in an apartment...four smoke alarms. Three went off twice, about 5-10 minutes apart for about 30 seconds. The second time, it seemed like it was almost a minute. There was no smoke, fire, etc. Nothing. And now those three alarms have a flashing green light.

I think they might be hard wired because when I took the cover off of one I saw a lot of wires...but i don't know.

All I want to know is what caused them to go off...and will they go off again soon??


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    Some alarms are also a poisionious gas detector such as carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes..if three went off at once I would have the fire department come test the air for you..they will do it free..but do not call 911 or thier emergencey number unless someone has came overcome from something..they will test the air free and around appliances etc..any type gas also will set them off..if the air is clean..then I would say something is wrong with the wiring they are wired into for 3 at a time is not normal to go off unless there is a problem..You are not going to have 3 faulty smoke alarms at once

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    It sounds like you may be renting since you are not familiar with the wiring. Contact your landlord and explain the problem. If he is unfamiliar with the smoke alarms, ask him to send someone to test them for you. Problems concerning your living quarters are his responsibility.

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    even though the detector is hard wired it could still has a backup batt.

    change it and could solve the problem. Or dust can set them off

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    I think dust and muck can set them of sometimes.

    You could buy a can of air (used to blow dust of electronic stuff) and see if you can get the dust out to stop it from going off unnecessarily .Or you could buy a new one and get someone to install it. It's up to you.

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    Most are also sensitive to aerosols, steam and any other form of spray/mist...... look round do you have any of them? Also cooking can set them off....

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    Buy a new one!

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