Who coined the word GOD? Is God an Englishman?


Focused Fred I was sent by Na-Nu-Na-Nu Orson to find out........... Lol.

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    Middle English, from Old English; see gheu()- in Indo-European roots

    The word God continues Old English/Germanic god (guþ, gudis in Gothic, Gott in modern German). The original meaning and etymology of the Germanic word god have been hotly disputed, though most agree to a reconstructed Proto-Indo-European form *ǵhut�m, which is a passive perfect participle from the root *ǵhu-, which likely meant "libation", "sacrifice". Compare:-

    Vedic Sanskrit hu- = "to sacrifice".

    Greek khu-, kheu- = "to pour".

    Common Germanic strong verb geutan (Anglo-Saxon gēotan) = "to pour", English in-got.

    The connection between these meanings is likely via the meaning "pour a libation".

    Another possible meaning of *ǵhut�m is "invocation", related to Sanskrit hūta.

    The word God was used to represent Greek theos, Latin deus in Bible translations, first in the Gothic translation of the New Testament by Ulfilas.

    Also some people in the world, mainly Hindu, believe that the word God, is actually an acronym(G.O.D.). The acronym stands for Generator, Observer/Operator, Destroyer. This belief although rare, is held quite dearly by some people.

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    God Is An Englishman

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    The Word God originates from Old English and the word itself is commonly in referral to the Christian religions due to the great popularity of Christianity in England during the time. However now the name has take a more general definition to include all religious figures that are "supreme beings". Allah is God in Arabic, Jehovah is one of the names of God in Judaism. They all interlink into one main definition of the conductor of the universe and what it grows into.

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    yes the English did coin the phrase God. remember what God told moses. I am the great I am. Plus why does God need a name?

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    I don't know which came first but God is good and I think the English language word God came from the word Good

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    Man in general named him

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    From far east.

    G- generator

    O- operator

    D- destroyer

    God is no third person superior than you. All existence is contained in GOD.

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    I did, yes I am. God save the queen!

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    that's like saying who coined the word "love"...who cares?

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    "God" is a generic term to refer to ANY male deity.

    It amazes me how Christians think they own that word to refer to their god.

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