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teaching adults conversational english, need some topics!?

i teach adults age 16 to 50 conversational english, we talked about traveling, friends, restaurants, goals in life, and i dont know what else we can talk about, the class is 1 hour long and 10 students so i really need a topic that will last that long and on which i can ask many questions


well these are all arab people so there are certain things we are not allowed to talk about, such as, religion, relationships, abortion or anything else similar to that

Update 2:

family is one more thing we can not discuss and animals they hate so cant talk bout them either

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    how about:

    - Summer memories

    - Jobs they've had

    - Pets

    Basically, anything about he past or present?

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    Things that make great conversation pieces are pictures or illustrations in magazines or books. You can start with concrete descriptions and work in questions, "Did that ever happen to you? Do you think this person is happy? Why or why not?" Descriptions of photos are concrete tasks and will draw out reluctant speakers. Then you move from concrete to abstract related questions, and pretty soon they can lead the conversation away, sometimes into very interesting places. Always start lessons with concrete tasks or review, no matter how far they went in previous lessons. You'll find that many times there will be one dominant speaker in the group who tries to dominate conversation. Don't let them. Establish clear rules from the beginning that nobody is allowed to interrupt another person in the group when they're speaking, and that nobody is allowed to correct another member of the group or supply a word (this happens a lot) except for you. Don't ever explicitly correct somebody if they make a mistake unless it directly interferes with your ability to understand them. A tactful way to correct them is to repeat what they said, but use the correct grammar/pronunciation. I always kept a notepad and took notes of grammatical mistakes that speakers were making consistently. You can work these into mini-lessons and homework. The absolute best thing you can do is to record yourself every once in awhile with a digital recorder. You will see a million things you do wrong and learn more from listening to yourself than you will from any advice you'll get from other teachers.

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    How about Hobbies or something more general? Like books, food, countries, family backgrounds and such? There are a lot of things one can talk about. If possible, try to find a common interest, which is easiest to talk amongst friends.

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    Hi there

    I have posted a link to Ted Powers site this has a list of safe topics with introductory excersises. You could also use these materials for the to take away and recycle the vocabulary used.

    If you need any further help with ESL related topics just email me

    Hope this helps.


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    Abortion. You will need to extend the duration of the class if you choose this topic.

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