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4 full days in TOKYO..please help!!?

I'll be staying with a family friend in Shinjuku...

I don't really know much about Tokyo but have a rough plan of what I want to do..

I know I definitely want to go shopping and see the city from a high building, see harajuku, see ueno park..not really interested in disney land or the fish market..please help!

i will be going thursday, friday, saturday and sunday

thanks in advance!!!! xox

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    well first of all you need to know how to use their train system which isn't really that hard. go like grab a tokyo metro guide which they have in english and from that you can manage your way around tokyo.

    also their tokyo metro guide includes tokyo tour spots info which can give you more ideas of where you can go.

    so you said you wanna go shopping...

    i'd say you should visit


    2)harajuku (fairly cheap though some can be expensive)

    3)ginza (expensive)

    4)omotesando (also quite expensive)

    5)kichijoji (end terminus of keio inokashira line which you take at shibuya)

    6) roppongi

    7)yokohama station (transfer at shibuya and take toyoko line which goes into kanagawa prefecture.)

    see the city from high buildings...

    1)go to shinjuku - Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building can go up to their observatory deck which is open to the public and it's free! ...they have opening and closing hours. i'd say check it with your friend.

    2)tokyo tower at akabanebashi or kamiyacho

    as far as shopping goes, that pretty much is it.

    Source(s): i've been living in tokyo for about 7 months and these places are recommended by my japanese buddies.
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    I'd probably just do the basics. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is a good place to see Tokyo from a high place - there are two towers with observation decks. Also Tokyo Tower - their version of the Eiffel Tower has an observation deck. Harajuku is near Shibuya - a prime shopping area. Ueno Park is across town - I'd probably skip that for another trip and go to the Imperial Palace instead. It's near the Ginza district, another prime shopping area. If you are a guy, Akihabara is a must see.

    You can do Tokyo in four days, but you will need to learn to use the subway and the JR Yamanote line very efficiently. Group your visits to the same region each day to minimize travel.

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    4 days is plenty. People who tell otherwise are horrible travelers/nubs.

    What to do in Tokyo? Look at the yamanote line (this is a train loop line around tokyo) for starters, you can get to most places most tourists want to see just on that. I will refer to areas, you can easily access all of these places via metro/light rail train.

    So, suggested places:

    Shibuya -- shopping, food, drinking (this tends to be many foreigners' favorite place in tokyo)


    - shopping of course

    - skyscraper district

    - shinjuku gyoen = very lovely park

    Harajuku - shopping, fashions, used clothes, try one of their well known crepes, Meiji shrine is next to the JR stop (JR = japan railway)

    Akihabara - electronics district

    Ueno Park - Dense! So many museums, exhibits, etc. You could spend a very long time here, but it is not worth it

    Roppongi - i do not recommend you stay here long, but roppongi hills is an extravagent area, and a skyview of tokyo is possible from the tower there

    Tsukiji fish market - this is nice because it will not take away time from any of your other plans, get up early, go there before everything else is open, spend some time there, eat near there if you want, and get on with your day

    Asakusa -- you can see a temple here that people think is pretty amazing, but honestly in tokyo you are not going to see much of any historical artchitecture, so it might not be 'just another temple' to you.

    Try out one of their themed restaurants!

    There is much more, and i only listed a few, do some investigation on your own and see what you like. Buy a 'lonely planet' japan guidebook (every traveler has one), these books are targetted at a younger age of travelers who are mindful about both adventure, and budgets.

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    If you can, take a day trip or 1/2 day trip to Kamakura - absolutely beatiful temple and you can see the Giant Buddha.

    I thought the Imperial Palace was a bit underwhelming but fortunately it was near Harajuku so I didn't spend much time there.

    Definately spend some time in Akihabara. regardless if you are not interested in electronics, it is very cool to see those huge buildings filled with all the videogames!!!

    I also liked Asakusa - I thought the temples and shrines were pretty ( super busy but a well spent 1/2 day there is appropriate!

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    try the view from Tokyo tower. here is a few web sites to brouse.

    Japan National Tourist Organization

    Japan Travel and Living Guide (look under Japan A-Z) Japan train system

    Source(s): gaijin living in Japan
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    well 4 days is not enough. some of the good places in are not in Tokyo. But your Family friend should know something there right?

    I live in tokyo right now business trip, if u want email me at

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    don't forget mid town, also try great sushi at fukou sushi, roppongi hard rock and as u face hard rock move left of the lane and walk about 20m. lunch as always is a steal. stay at the peninsula hotel. this is the best hotel for the clients. great bar n highest floor, cool people meet there. B.L was there with me and i proposed.

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    i havent been to japan but ive basically planned what i'll be doing when i go i'd suggest going to Odaiba park its meant to be awesome and if you like the japanese boy band Arashi thye have a new arashi theme park thing there :D

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    ohhh ffriend can you take with you in your trip is serious


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