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Is it good to have a x-girlfriend as a family friend after her marriage.?

hai,i had a lover,on those day we r in true love and i didnt even touched her.i negleted her bcos of my family culture and now she got married.still we r in contact through phone ,theres nothing wrong thoughts(sex) in both of our minds .i want her as a family friend she too have the same thought ....wheather this relation is correct r not...i feel happy to have contact and i think she should be in contact with me for my entire life ....

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    can u limit it forever as just friends? cuz if being around her as a friend causes you/her to go further...think of her husband and how this will affect him...better yet, put yourself in his comfortable would you be and how tolerent would you be?

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    of course, if u are friends and just that, it's ok to remain friends

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