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what is one voodoo ritual?

i need to know of one voodoo ritual in depth and its importance and how it is performed. help out please?

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    The Stereotypical voodoo ritual I can think of is the creation of a doll out of clay, cloth, hay etc.. The purpose of the doll is to have a certain person to do as you please, or to inflict pain in specific areas that you choose. To do this one must retrieve a particle of that persons (preferably a strand of hair, an eye lash, a nail, or some skin) place it on the doll. Not sure if a certain chant is necessary to create the curse.

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    No, Muslims do no longer prepare Voodoo.Muslims and Jews proportion part of an analogous faith.The Prophet Abraham is Ibrahim and so on interior the Torah,previous testomony and Koran.alongside the way those 2 tribes went their very own techniques and in no way rather reconciled their differences to stay in peace.this may well be simply by Jews and Muslims monks and mullahs who perchance earnings from conserving them aside including politicians-like Arafat who became into corrupt.perchance after interpreting this the choose forgive one yet another and welcome each and each with open palms!

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    They have books at the library that tell you exactly what you want in regards to voodoo, but I don't recommend that you do it.

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    Some say rituals and spells work better when made up.

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