Computer, mcaffe help!?

i have a gateway, and have mcafe sercuity center on it.

evry so often there is this little pop up in the side bar telling me that some update called mcafe sercuity suit did not up date properly or something like that.

and everytime i click it it it takes me to the sercuity center, i dont know if sercuity center and suit are the same thing. tell me.

and it says im not protected and to just click fix, so i click fix but nothing changes so i click it again, and again, for like 10 minutes.

what am i supposed to do actually FIX the problem??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Click fix ONCE.

    Let it do it on it's own, stop clicking it.

    That, or download and install the updates manually. That will fix it.

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