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help Cutting my dog's nails!?

It is just insane to cut my dog's nails..

Is there a special method to do it? or is it just my dog??

Whenever i try to cut my dog's nail... she always runs away.. shakes my hands away.. rolls out of position and etc.

If i can't do it?? i'm worried that ppl from the grooming store.. vet... and etc will also have the same problem..

What should i do now? Thanks

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    use the pedi paws. it seems stupid but its worth the $20. Also, it doesn't hurt as much for them and it doesn't make their paws bleed if you accidently mess up. touch its paws more and more. my dog does the same thing and we just hold her down. although if your dog is big i don't think that method will work. hope this helps!!!

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    well, it could either be that it hurts or hes nervous. it could hurt two ways: it could hurt because you cut to close to the quick, or it could hurt from the pressure from the clipper when it cuts the nail. try to soak his nails in warm water before you try to cut them next time so that they soften. when you do cut his nails, don't go near any part of the nerve (the pink part). if its that he is nervous, there is nothing much that you can do except to get him used to you handling his paws and trusting that you won't hurt him. if this still isn't working, then i would try the product called Pedi Paws. instead of cutting your dog's nail, it has rotators that gently files it. you can usually get it for around $20 where ever you buy your pet supplies. if none of these work(remember, it might take him a little time for him to get used to it) then i would try to see if a groomer or vet can do it. remember, they are professionals, they would now how to handle a dog like this, just remember to tell them that he has this problem so that they can be prepared.

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    If you've managed to cut her nails once, then its all your fault :S

    You probably went too far and hurt her nail nerve, so she doesn't trust you anymore.

    My dog is just fine with it, since we never got too far, so she is just quietly sitting in my lap and waiting for me to finish. Yes, she sometimes gets bored and starts struggling to get out, but I say NO and she calms down.

    Training, training, training... and time. That's all you can do. Everytime she starts giggling, just say NO, stop the action, and continue only if she calms down. Nothing else! Good luck :)

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    the groomers know how to control dogs like this. they were trained for it. always take ur dog to a groomer. u can not take the risk of cutting too low. you could severly hurt your dog.

    when a dog is a puppy ur always supposed to massage her paws and in between toes so they do not act that way as a dog. but take her to a groomer. try petsmart they always treat ur dog to a cute little scarf and "perfume"

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    I roll my dog over on its back. Sit on its stomach and Sand away at those nails haha! It hates it but you gotta do something if hes fighting.. well not sit.. I have the "Mount" position.. If you know about MMA :)

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    Don't listen to them. I have cut my dogs nails and never quicked them, and they still hate it. Try giving her a bath first, her nails will soften in the makes it a little less tramatic for them.

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    I have that problem too your dog either has sensitive feet or isn't used to their feet being touched. My dog just has really sensitive feet.

    If you touch its feet more it should get used to the feeling and act better.

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    you shouldn't cut dogs nails because if ur walking it enough they get filed on the pavement!

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    i agree with x angel

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    All your fault!

    You DEMAND compliance! Dogs do NOT get a choice.

    That's that rare & wonderful thing called TRAINING...& discipline.

    Try it sometime,you'll be amazed.

    Put on-lead,TIE IT SNUG....demand it be be still & comply...REWARD when it does.

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