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What is your most EMBARRASSING!! moment?

and I want details!!


ok DaiMon Prak--OMG!!--that was SOOO FUNNY!!--ok what did yall do afterwards--i mean really--no underwear!!!! in the cafeteria!!!!--i would have moved!!--lol!

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    In high school, two girls came up behind me and pulled my shorts down in the Cafeteria. I was not wearing underwear.

    It took a couple of months for people to forget. But it was a rough couple of months, even teachers joined in.

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    The other week I was riding a bike to my friends house and i fell off my bike and my shirt got all ripped up and I had dirt on my face and not only that but I was wearing sunscreen and I was sweating and I looked like a mess and very dirty. But, I live in a wealthy/upper income neighborhood so the people were probably like, "look at this poor black kid, he must be homeless", lol.

    I really look tore up, I looked like a hot ghetto mess!

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    i crapped myself when i was 9 at a pumkin patch in front of the dude i liked and i was wearing white pants rofl then i ran to the car crying(;

    Source(s): my mom.(:
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    busted jerking it

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