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How can ants survive being sucked into a dyson vacuum cleaner?

I heard it spins around in there at 9 times the speed of sound, that being true how is it possible to see a recently sucked up ant able to crawl around pretty happily in the bit where you can see all the dust? Serious answers only please.

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    Ants have exo skeletons. They can survive pretty much everything except for being stomped on. They would most likely get caught in the dust and not be thrown around inside the vacuum cleaner. And im pretty sure vacuum cleaners dont spin at 9 times the speed of sound...

  • cause ants have super seriously!

    did u know ants can lift 9 times their own weight!

    talk about strong...

    yeah so u just hafta throw out the bag everytime u suck up an ant...or you could drown it in water!

    either way is fine :D

    hope that helped!

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    yes they can survive, and so can spiders..I vacuumed one up and I was shocked to see this thing moving around,,I didn't want it to hatch eggs so I emptied it and threw out the bag

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